Beach hut use must ‘cease with immediate effect’

Minnis Bay huts Photo Dean Spinks

Beach hut users will not be able to use them during the coronavirus crisis.

In a statement hut operators Your Leisure said the decision to cease use comes in the light of government advice on social distancing.

A statement says: “Further to the Government announcement issued on Friday and again yesterday evening, around ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home’ advice, it is with regret that Your Leisure has come to the decision to cease with immediate effect the use and issuing of keys to Beach Huts.

“Your Leisure has continued to keep up to date with the guidance issued and was hopeful that this drastic measure may not have been necessary.

“The health and safety of our customers and staff is paramount and as I am sure you can empathise, our teams will be under immense pressure over the coming days. We therefore kindly request that all customers refrain from contacting the Box Office. We will contact our customers as soon as we have further information.

“Annual and private hut customers whom already have keys MUST refrain from using their huts in order to adhere to the guidance issued. For private plot customers who have arranged with Eagle Sheds/Quinney’s to position their huts, we ask that these be suspended until such time Foreshores returns to normal operation.

“We would like to add that all hut customers who are already on our database as having a hut/plot this will continue in the future.”


  1. Having just finished paying for my seasonal beach hut, will I be reimbursed for the time not on use?

  2. Errrr, yes Jean. The council will send you a check…. a reality check. I think the main priority of any Emergency Funds the council receive might go towards NHS equipment? You may have to wait for your beach shed money.

    • No need to have been rude to this lady was there?
      It may only be a little bit of money to some people of certain wealth but to alot of people the beech hut life is there life!!
      To add also that as a self employed person any money that may be coming back to me is at the top of my agenda!!!
      Did I also mention that your a

      • I prebooked a beachhut for this summer on Westbrook Bay,july 25-Aug 8th 2020, will I be notified if I can’t use it and able to rebook for next year 2021?

  3. Hi, Ar Umad. Whilst it may SEEM churlish to be asking for a refund, you’re missing a much bigger picture. Many of us paying the £1050 annual rental may NEED that sanctuary of being able to getaway from homelife for a few hours here and there. We pay for a year so when the insanity of foster-children or older parents or ill relatives or dying friends becomes too much and you just need an “out”, those huts are it. They are sometimes the ONLY place we may have for isolation. We’re quite capable of telling any visitor to move back to a 6ft line so why stop using them. It is MY one and only place for complete privacy and escape. Wanting some of MY £20 per week back isn’t your business. It’s MY really hard-earned monies used for one of the only things I can hold as being me and mine alone.

    • I have a winter hire that is coming to an end what happens. I cannot empty as not allowed and lift not working???????

      • Lynn Davis, Don’t ask here, we’re letting off OUR feelings!! Give Leisure Force (now known as Your Leisure, a call. They may (of course) be laid off but they are so helpful as long as you’re just normal, polite and human with them. Give them “angry” and they’re the worst! Seriously, they are your first port-of-call though. Good luck.

      • Hello Lynn. I am taking over an annual hut in the horseshoe at St Mildred’s Bay, as and when the lockdown is over. Was wondering if it might be your hut we are taking over. Just athought l would email on the off chance, l know it’s probably unlikely. I will put another post on the general site, as it would be nice to know who had the hut before us and for how long Chris

  4. Hi l have just sent an email to Lynn, but was wondering if there is anyone giving up a annual hire at St Mildred Bay in the Horseshoe. Just wondering, as l am due to take over one, as and when am able to of course. Would be nice to know who had the hut before me and for how long. I haven’t even been inside yet, so looking forward to seeing it and maybe meeting the previous occupant. Would be nice to find out a little bit of history of the Horseshoe too. Best wishes and keep safe and well

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