Ramsgate man jailed for sexually explicit internet messages sent to ‘girl’ he believed was 12

Harris received a three year sentence

A Ramsgate man who encouraged an internet user he believed was a 12-year-old girl to send him sexual images has been jailed following a sting by the Kent Police Paedophile Online Investigation Team .

Tony Harris, 47, used a messaging service to communicate with someone he thought was a vulnerable girl between April and May 2018.

He was in fact sending messages to a member of Kent Police’s Paedophile Online Investigation Team and he was later arrested and charged.

Harris, of Clements Road, admitted three counts of attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child and was given a three-year sentence when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (March 16).

Harris told the internet user he was aged 21 and used a profile picture of a younger man before sending sexually explicit videos and images. He received repeated messages informing him that the person he was chatting to was 12, but continued to communicate.

After enquiries were made into who was running his account, police officers arrested him at his home on Wednesday August 1, 2018 and seized his mobile phone. He told officers he did not arrange to meet in person anyone he communicated with online.

Detective Sergeant Jon Baker, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “Harris was not discouraged from continuing to ask for sexual material despite clear warnings of the person’s young age.

“The encouragement of children to commit sexual acts online is an offence and we will track down those who do so and bring them to justice.”


  1. There appears to be no deterrent for this vile filth in our society! perhaps being put into general population when prisoned, rather than being protected in isolation would be a start.

  2. What one dont see here is the prison staff are only human , like we all are, I was in prison 47 years ago , shoplifting , tda nicking cars .
    I have been there , have seen cell doors with officers inside and the pervert didnt look very good the next day/ week, loss of teeth etc .
    To allow the perverts to mix with other inmates would cause big trouble with the prison ,
    What happens behind closed doors no one sees ,
    A couple of examples of this is Fred West he hung himself “really” he was on 24 hour watch , it takes time to make a rope out of the bit of bed , chair to jump off ? non seen .
    Sutcliff was another he was on 24 hour watch but had his eyes cut out i think .
    As i said above to mix them with others would cause a lot of problems one cannot allow 50 odd prisoners giving one a hiding witch they would , so best left to what REALLY happens

  3. People I personally knew this person and what you all read about this case is not the full story. This man generally believed he was talking to an online scammer and Not a young girl. He is an unwell person who has had the book thrown at him. I know this comment will be taken down but its true.

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