Kent County Council libraries to shut on Friday


All Kent County Council libraries including the mobile library service will shut on Friday, at normal closing times, until further notice.

The closures follow those of schools, leisure venues and council meetings.

All lending times will be extended until the end of June. For further extensions after June, email ([email protected]), message via social media or call 03000 41 31 31.

If you have reservations, or reservations on order, they will be kept safe until re-opening. Once re-opened, they will be available for 10 days before going back into circulation. If you cannot collect the reservation during that time due to self-isolation, to can get a refund for the reservation fee or reorder it at no additional charge.

There are digital collections that are always available. These include reference resources as well as free e-books, e-audio books, a vast range of the latest e-magazines and daily e-newspapers. These can be accessed at

The Ask a Kent Librarian Service will remain available on 03000 41 64 38, email [email protected] or via 24/7 chat at

The council will maintain the Home Library Service to the most vulnerable as far as possible

Coronavirus help groups, advice, shops and information for Thanet


  1. KCC have been looking for opportunities to slice their library provision for years and have clearly spotted the right time to do it. As someone else said, are TDC closing their operations in that building too? Totally underhand in my view.

    • This is such a ridiculous comment. You expect library staff to expose themselves to dealing with the public, using computer keyboards, touch screens and handling cash etc?
      Who knows how many of the staff have weakened immune systems or live with elderly or vulnerable relatives.

      Libraries will be back open in safer times. This is not opportunism from KCC. This is common sense and protecting the people who work hard to provide library services to the public.

  2. I am concerned about people, Predominantly poor and vulnerable, who do not have a computers and used to use the local library to access one. So much now is done online e.g. paying bills. Don’t know the answer just asking the question

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