Chilton primary invites grandparents to ‘come dine with us’

Come dine with u at Chilton primary

The latest series of Come Dine With Us invitations is on the menu for 2020 at Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

A week of tasty and healthy treats have been served up, with pupils invited to ask their grandparents to join them for school dinner.

A number of sittings over three days saw the children’s’ dinner guests tuck into a range of heart-warming meals including roast dinner, fish and chips and chicken pie, all served with vegetables. There was also a tempting array of puddings on the menu too.

The food is prepared and freshly cooked on site by Chilton’s kitchen team. The cooks ensure there are options for diners who are vegan or vegetarian, have conditions such as coeliac disease that is a sensitivity to gluten, or who follow a dairy free diet. Chilton is also a nut-free school.

As granddads and grandmas, nans and uncles, ate and chatted happily in the main school hall, it also gave pupils the chance to explain to them about their school environment, show them their friends and classmates, and teachers and other staff.

Deputy Head of School Natalie Barrow said: “It is always lovely for the children to welcome guests into school for a range of occasions. The Come Dine sessions are really popular and they give families the opportunity to sample the wonderful food our cooks prepare day in and day out. It also helps the visitors feel more at home in   Chilton and gives them a wider understanding of the children’s daily educational environment.

“These sessions are very popular and it is a hectic time for the cooks preparing and serving many more dishes than usual but they always serve up really lovely food that is always appreciated by our visitors.”

Other Come Dine special invites will include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, dedicated ‘invite weeks’ for specific year groups, the festive season, themed lunches, family picnics and many more.