Orange Army bid to get Ramsgate’s Joe Shaw to Ibiza Clockstock party

Joe, with friend and carer Patrick, are heading to Ibiza with the help of the Orange Army

The Orange Army is on the march again in a bid to get Ramsgate’s Joe Shaw to Ibiza.

Members of the Clockwork Orange group -dedicated to clubbing events –bust through a £7,000 target last year to pay for a special standing frame and are now aiming for £5,000 to take Joe to the Clockwork Orange bash in Ibiza this Summer.

Joe, who celebrated his 26th birthday last month,suffered serious head injuries in an unprovoked attack in Ramsgate town centre in March 2018. The ferocity of the assault meant Joe had to be transferred to Kings College Hospital in London, heavily sedated and in the critical care unit in a coma, breathing through a ventilator.

Joe before reconstructive surgery

The severity of his injuries left Joe unable to walk, speak or complete many basic tasks for himself. He had to have reconstructive surgery to reform his skull. Joe still partly communicates by spelling words out on a letterboard but he is now making progress with speaking and this month took his first steps since the attack.

Liam Bayliss, then 24, was jailed for four years and three months for the attack.

Joe had been staying at a rehabilitation centre in Herne Bay but his determination, and sustained fundraising to help with specialist equipment, finally saw Joe return to the home of parents Nancy and Trevor in August last year.

The Orange Army have taken Joe under their wing after one of Joe’s carers, Patrick Kennedy-Sanigar, posted to the Clockwork Orange group to ask for a little help.

The Army responded with member Alan Thomas, backed by organisers including Danny Gould and Andy Manston, setting up a fundraising page.

Norman Cook, aka DJ  Fatboy Slim, is one of those who donated to the cause.

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Joe with mum Nancy and care team member Patrick

Now Patrick and the Army are on a new mission and have already raised more than half of their target.

Patrick said: “We have done fantastically well raising funds to get Joe the frame he needs to aid his recovery and help with his movement. We now move on to the life changing summer we want to give him, the deposit is paid for accommodation, flights and car hire ,everything he will need has been catered for thanks to Antonella doing a remarkable job organising everything.
We now need to raise the final amount to pay the balance and send Joe to Ibiza and Clockstock along with his care team.”

Joe’s positive spirit has won the support of the community in Thanet and further afield with dozens of fundraisers being held to help with his rehabilitation costs.

Find the fundraiser here

An event in Thanet is also raising funds for Joe, organised by people including Ramsgate dad Josh Twyman,

The Escape Back to your Past party takes place at the Red Arrows Club on April 4 from 7.30pm.

All music being played has been chosen by those attending to bring back memories of Margate’s Escape club. There will also be a raffle.

All tickets are £5.

Find the event page here


  1. Fantastic…the Orange crowd are like a family.
    I was in Ibiza last year with them what a great time.
    Where can I buy a ticket for the April event I am not in FB.
    Kendra McLeod

  2. I don’t know if the Criminal Compensation Board have paid anything over to Joe yet, but no matter how much, it cannot ever compensate for Joe’s life long disabilities! The thug that did this to Joe, is probably out of prison now if he kept his nose clean, and should be made to pay back whatever compensation Joe receives, even if it takes the rest of his life!

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