Two men injured in Ramsgate assault

Crews at the scene of the assault

Emergency services were called to an assault of two men close to Ramsgate railway station yesterday (February 24).

Kent Police were alerted at around 4.45pm. Officers attended the scene off Station Approach Road with South East Coast Ambulance service (Secamb) where the two men reported injuries and were given medical care.

A Secamb spokesman said: “We were called at approximately 4.50pm to reports of an assault. Ambulance crews attended the scene and two men were assessed and treated for injuries, including head injuries, before being taken to hospital.”

The circumstances of the incident are not yet clear.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/35422/20.


  1. To Mr Kent Resident,
    There will normally be a few assaults when alcohol and the seaside are involved, especially where people gather – pubs, wine bars, rail stations and bus stops.
    The reason you may surmise there to be more assaults in Ramsgate is that the local online news-sheet reports it – thus bringing it to your attention. Likely, as not, there are an equal number, or more, assaults in Westminster or Kensington on the same night but why would The Isle of Thanet News report that ? It’s hardly relevant to the the readers of the Isle of Thanet Trumpet ?

  2. Its usually Ramsgate because the local police and Thanet Council prioritise their resources to the rest of Thanet and treat Ramsgate like a second class citizen.

  3. Dear Kent Resident,
    It may appear to you there are ,any assaults on people in Ramsgate – and perhaps there are. But the Isle of Thanet News focuses on various localities because it is a local news gathering site.
    There may be more, or less assaults in Westminster and/or Kensington. But it is fairly pointless for Isle of Thanet News to post stories about those, rather in the same way as it is pointless to post stories about assaults in Lerwick (Shetland isles) or Timbuctoo !

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