Thanet mum launches ADHD parent support group

Sarah Collins was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 28

A Birchington mum is launching a support group for parents of youngsters with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Sarah Collins, from Brichington, will host the first session tomorrow (February 26) at The Queen’s Head pub in Ramsgate from 7pm to 9pm.

Sarah says waiting lists for ADHD diagnosis in excess of two years have prompted her and a friend to run the group.

She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 28 and her son, now 10, was diagnosed at the age of six.

Sarah’s brother also has the condition, being diagnosed when he was a child, and so does her husband John.

The mum-of-three said: “Parents who work desperately need support but cannot attend day support groups, leaving them feeling isolated and alone. There are currently no ADHD focused parent support groups in Thanet but with more than 500 children with a diagnosis of ADHD and hundreds waiting for an assessment, there is a desperate need for support for the ADHD community.

“I am diagnosed ADHD combined subtype as is one of my sons. My husband is diagnosed ADHD predominately inattentive subtype as is one of my other sons. Four out of five of us in my household are diagnosed and the last one is waiting for an assessment. I also run an adult ADHD support group and have run the ADHD Christmas party with over 30 neurodiverse children attending.”

ADHD symptoms include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. The exact cause of ADHD is unknown, but the condition has been shown to run in families.

ADHD was first recognised as a valid condition in the UK in 2000, but not officially recognised as an adult condition until 2008.

The Parent ADHD support group will be held on the last Wednesday of each month at the Queen’s Head, 7pm-9pm.

Find the facebook group here  

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