Twelve year sentence for man who attacked four people in Margate rampage

Loch is arrested after his violent rampage

A man who went on the rampage in Margate, attacking four people, has been jailed for 12 years.

Armed with a baseball bat, 29-year-old David Loch threatened and assaulted the people in unprovoked attacks.

He approached a man in a shop entrance in Marine Drive at around 5am on Wednesday. June 19 2019, and shouted at him to get up before beating him multiple times, leaving him severely bruised.

The man managed to stand and flag down a passing vehicle for help.

Loch then turned his attention to a man in his 40s who was walking to work. He hit him on the head and body with the bat, breaking both his arms, causing a deep cut to his head and stealing his wallet and phone.

Loch moved onto his third victim, picking on a man in his 30s sitting in the Victorian shelter in Marine Drive, who he punched multiple times, kicked him in the head when he had fallen to the ground, broke his glasses and stole his hat.

The victim tried to assure Loch he was leaving and walked away, but Loch saw him again in the High Street ten minutes later and despite the victim’s pleas that he had to wait for a bus, Loch punched him again and told him to hand over his bag or get stabbed.

The man offered a £5 note to Loch who took it. The victim suffered an injury to his nose during the incident.

Loch found his fourth victim in Margate High Street, a man in his 30s walking to work, who he threatened with violence and demanded money from. When the victim refused, Loch punched and headbutted him.

Police found Loch in Hawley Square where he was arrested.

He was charged with two counts of robbery, an attempted robbery, causing grievous bodily harm with intent, attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, having an offensive weapon and criminal damage of a police custody cell.

At Canterbury Crown Court Loch, of no fixed address, admitted the offences and yesterday (February 12) he was jailed for 12 years and must serve an additional four years on license when he is released.

Investigating officer PC Gareth Foreman said: “David Loch showed a degree of violence that morning towards four people which was purely abhorrent and there can be no excuse for his actions. His attacks were unprovoked towards people who were just trying to live their lives, whether they were on their way to work, coming home after a night shift, pausing to light a cigarette or make a phone call. He left some with physical injuries, and it must have been so scary to be confronted by such inexplicable rage.

“I thank them all for their support throughout the investigation and I hope his custodial sentence brings them reassurance that his violent behaviour is not tolerated.”


  1. There have been loads of unpovoked violent assaults on innocent people just going about their business in Margate and Ramsgate recently and if the long sentencing is in vain then at least they are locked away from the public for a while. Well done to those officers in removing another thug from society for a bit.

  2. A bit true that i knew someone who got 25 years for drug smuggling , on appeal sentence was reduced to 9 years and on good behaviour was out in 5 years. It just all looks good . This scumbag will be out in 18 Months .
    I agree with the above well done to the officers that removed him from society for “a while”

  3. These type think they are so big and hard until the police catch them then one sees the coward they are and have always been. Let’s hope someone gives him a good hiding in prison. Dirt bag.

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