Grade II listed urinal in Margate goes under the hammer for £11,000

Sold for £11k

Former toilets in Dane Road, Margate, have sold at auction for £11,000.

The Grade-II listed building with ‘Doultons decorative cast iron panelling’ was put on Thanet council’s asset disposal list for sale last year.

The urinal in Dane Road/Park Road is a cast Iron Victorian structure which was listed by Historic England in 1997. It has suffered vandalism and rubbish has been dumped at the site.

The listed urinal at Park Road  Photo Frank Leppard

Experts put a freehold guide price on the toilets of £10,000-£15,000. It went under the hammer at the Clive Emson auction yesterday (February 10_ at the Kent County Showground, Detling,

Auctioneer Kevin Gilbert said: “These former toilets might be suitable for a variety uses, as long as all necessary consents are obtainable.”

The urinal is one of a number of disused public toilets that Thanet council approved for asset disposal last year. Others include toilets in Beresford Gap, Birchington, Marina Road, Ramsgate, Minnis Bay, Birchington, Park Road, Margate, St Johns Cemetery, Margate and Albion Street, Broadstairs.


  1. so let me get this right they sold a building that is under protection as a historical object or as you put it grade II, I would have thought that was not supposed to happen they spend millions on protecting these sites just to then sell them perhaps you should call English heritage.

  2. Asset stripping because the government dictates to the muppets who work for them and like to control people and peoples lives
    and who made those debts the ferry one was it labour of love yeah it was
    who made the animal debt compensation out of court labour of love yet again
    and the port looks like the state of the labour party of utter disrepair
    the debts owing to the port are over £20m squid
    government dictates to the local authority how and what they spend money on
    what with a cut in the police force but they put up their tax

    selling off assets is all tdc can do but the chief sits on the crap pot with her shitty officers pardon the pun
    local authorities do not care about people it is about making money and feck all else

  3. I can’t make out much of what you are saying, Rebecca. Except that you think that all of TDC’s money problems are down to Labour who haven’t run the Council for years. UKIP and the Tories, on the other hand, have been the most recent culprits.
    There seems to be a growing trend to blame Labour for everything, regardless of them not being in power in London for over a decade.
    I wonder if Boris Johnson’s inexplicable appeal was to pretend to be a new kind of government, not like those other(Tory!) governments!

    • What has London politics got to do with labour’s own created debts
      They even write their own workers debts off
      Why did Labour not report the water contamination
      Why have Labour lied over the compensation money with known criminal in live exports
      Taking our money and giving it to offshore leaks companies
      Shutting the stroke unit was ex leader decision as he is on CCG

  4. When UKIP took over the Admin from Labour in 2015, Labour left a debt of £14,200,000. This cannot be denied by anyone. It’s on many meeting minutes. The debt of the Port is because there is nobody (TDC Officers & Present Councillors) qualified to make a sensible decision. (same as Manston). The decision is to shut it down completely, or, endeavour to get interested Parties (financially stable) to take it on and open it up again. What we must not forget is, Ramsgate Port is a satellite of Dover. Both P&O and DFDS Ferries could easily run a couple of ships to ease the Dover load.
    Why doesn’t somebody check this out?

    • Agree with Robster
      2002 was the time they sold sea front to an criminal 20 years on its still criminal
      Ferry debt was hidden and why did the auditor not report this I am investigating but then Grant Thornton UK llp are offshore leaks
      How can a Labour party keep a debt secret
      Pardon my pun
      Now keefogs they have no pots to piss in
      Lets sell assets to recoup the debts Labour made

  5. If they charged people to use the toilets 50 pence a time as they do in London TDC wouldn’t have to keep selling toilets off . TOURISTS WONT VISIT US ANY MORE. The local councillers couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO ORGANISE THE USE OFF ASSETS TO MAKE THE BEST PROFIT

  6. I think we have a case of never mind the facts, blame anyone you don’t like.
    Here are the facts:
    Since 1974 until 1987 TDC was under Conservative control.There followed NOC for 4 years and then 4 years of Conservative control. From 1995 to 2003 Labour, followed then until 2011 by Conservative administrations. Since 2011 NOC apart from 2/3 years of UKIP.
    The debt was/is cumulative, so everyone is at fault.
    Nationally, Labour have won only 8 elections since 1945.The bank crash was due in part to their faulty oversight, but the Conservatives created the oversight regime, that allowed that faulty analysis to operate.
    So everyone’s at fault.
    Thanet has tried UKIP and that fell flat,the only other mainstream parties not to control TDC are the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.
    The Conservatives have been in power most since 1945 and 2010, nationally.They have been in power more frequently at a local level since 1974.At County the Conservatives have been in power since its formation in 1889, apart from a brief period of NOC.
    Kent and Medway have been Conservative heartlands, surely here, we would see all the benefits of their policy making.You must judge if that has been an unmitigated success.
    From now on with almost negligible opposition the buck stops with Westminster and Maidstone for the next 4/5 years.We shall see if the fortunes of the UK rise or fall and we will know who was responsible.
    Also,can we please stop the potty mouthed expletives,in the HYS section of this forum.It only detracts from the argument and gives substance to the elite who really run the UK, to carry on ignoring ordinary folk.

    • In what way – with their combined total of 12 MPs – are the Lib-Dems and Greens ”mainstream parties”…?

  7. I am the only person who thinks it he council can sell a urinal toilet for
    £ 11000, that has been closed and boarded up for years. It is a good thing. When it was open you had to be quite brave to go in. As even then it was used as a cottage. If some Hipster wants to open a barbers of coffee bar in there it has to be a good. Any business will pay business rates so it is win win.
    The Council will no longer have to keep paying out just keeping it boarded up, and paying Public Liability Insurance. In case people hurt themselves breaking in. The Council own lots of buildings etc. that are not used,and have not used in years and are falling down. That we are just paying out for repairs and insurance. Why not sell more or them. Then we would have money to buy properties and house building we need.

  8. Well Dr Jones what is your definition of ‘mainstream’. In my humble opinion mainstream means within the realms of reasonable public discourse.
    How many MP’s do they have to have to be considered ‘mainstream’? 20,50,100? Under the present electoral system the amount of votes gathered by most parties does not reflect their representation in parliament. By the number of votes received in the last election, the Lib Dems + Greens deserved greater representation. In past GEs UKIP certainly would be regarded as mainstream based on votes cast.
    Our predilection for ‘strong leadership’ has led us down the path of under representation for many shades of opinion and this is not healthy for democracy or social well being. You cannot have healing and unity, when winner takes all, and winner dominates all, predominates.That’s not democracy, that’s an elective dictatorship.It has lead to authoritarian regimes in Europe, the near east and Russia.

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