Going green for NSPCC Number Day at Newington primary

Numbers fun at Newington

Green meant Go for a day of fun maths learning and fundraising at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the NSPCC Number Day children and staff donated more than £120 to the charity to wear an item of green clothing or accessory with their traditional blue school uniform.

The Making Maths Count day of events was organised for all year groups. Each class was invited to take part on fun maths activities for their maths lessons. Activities ranged from maths board games, Sudoku and code breaking, making target numbers using all four operations, learning about Russian multiplication, online maths games and Times Tables Rock Stars speed recall.

Organisers were teachers Jo Jarman and Emma Allen. They said: “At lunchtime, Key Stage 1 children were busy with cubes, Numicon and counters – some even measured how tall they were. They all had a great time, and the children were helped by pupils from Key Stage 2 who were fabulous.

“Key Stage 2 children were also busy at lunchtime – Ipads were available for them to play Times Tables Rock Stars. Pupils loved challenging their friends to Rock Slams as well as trying to improve their rock speed and status.

“The day was a great success – raising the profile of maths in a fun and engaging way enabled the children to think about maths in different ways than they are used too. “

Since it launched 20 years ago, more than 3,500 schools have raised nearly £2 million to protect children from harm.

Funds help support vital NSPCC services such as Speak Out, Stay Safe‚ which visits primary schools across the UK to teach children about the dangers of abuse and what they can do if they need help.

Karen Walker, Schools Manager from the NSPCC said: “By getting children involved in our numbers-based activities you can also help us be there for children when they need us most.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes praised the NSPCC for their tremendous work.

He said: “This charity is essential for the physical and emotional well-being, safety and protection of children across the country.

“Our school is always pleased to support the NSPCC Number Day, and once again our pupils and staff shared fun and learning activities, as well as reinforcing the crucial ethos behind the NSPCC.”