Garlinge Primary School and Nursery raising money for those hit by Australian bushfires

Presley O’Donoghue, head teacher James Williams and Brendan Mackenzie

A non-uniform, fundraising day in aid of those affected by the Australian bushfires has been held at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery.

The day was the idea of Year 6 pupils Presley O’Donoghue and Brendan Mackenzie, who were so moved by the plight of the Australian people and the wildlife affected that they wrote a letter to their head teacher James Williams, to ask if the school could do something to help.

On January 31 children came to school wearing their non-uniform clothes in return for a voluntary donation towards the WWF Australian Bushfires Fund. The amount raised was outstanding, totalling £1517.22 – the generosity of pupils, families=s and staff was incredible.

The school PTFA also donated money they had recently raised at their quiz night to the cause. Since holding the collection, the school have decided that 50 per cent of the money raised will go towards the WWF’s Koala Protector Fund which will help to restore habitats for koalas and other wildlife after the fires clear.

The remaining money will be used for the other initiatives in Australia assisted by the WWF.

Mr Williams said “Brendon and Presley have hugely contributed to initiating something that is really amazing and we are immensely proud of both boys and overwhelmed with the generosity of our school community.”

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