Council tax rise will help fill county council committee’s £1.9m budget gap


By Local Democracy Reporter Ciaran Duggan

A potential gap of nearly £2m within the budget of a Kent County Council department is expected to be filled from council tax.

Council tax rises across County Hall’s 12 districts are expected to recoup a total of £4.2million, which is £1million more than originally expected and will help to plug the feared £1.9m overspend for KCC’s policy and resources committee.

Concerns remain over the unsecured financial grants from the Government, which funds a large portion of KCC services, and anxious county councillors voiced their views during a public meeting in Maidstone County Hall yesterday.

Deputy cabinet member Matthew Balfour (Con), who spoke during a council meeting at Maidstone County Hall, said: “As ever we are still awaiting a Government announcement as to what they may allow for us this year, which always brings trepidation.”

KCC’s head of finance, Dave Shipton, said the council is yet to be made aware of the level of funding it will receive in Chancellor Sajid Javid’s spending review, although a date has not been confirmed.

Mr Shipton said it was unlikely to happen prior to KCC’s cabinet meeting on January 27, where the 10 members will make a key decision on the budget before a full vote is held by full council on February 14.

Cllr Nick Chard (Con), who formerly stood as a leadership contender for KCC’s top job in October, pointed out that funding for key initiatives within the department, such as £28m school building modernisation programmes, are not yet ring-fenced.

He said: “And if they are not secured, what exactly are we agreeing when it comes to the budget.”

However Mr Shipton told the Sevenoaks member that it was likely to be granted by the Government. Other main spending pressures include a £600,000 investment towards the conversion of Oakwood House from a hotel and conference centre to a coroners office.

No major changes are expected around the budget before KCC’s cabinet meets at Maidstone County Hall in five days’ time.


  1. Not to worry. We are due for a new “Golden Age”. Austerity is over! Loadsamoney. No need to worry if anything like enough money will come down from London. With Brexit, we will be swimming in money!

    Honest! Boris said so!

  2. There will not be any money from Boris down this neck of the woods, the money will be Diverted to the north of England Boris can’t believe his luck he will be throwing money at his new EX Labour supporters. Us lot down here are all are supposed to be rolling in money it’s only the poor northerners who need help. I know it’s true Boris said so.

    • We in Thanet get pe’ed off with being lumbered with he term ‘well of south east’ we are almost the most deprived in the country. Well off? What a f***ing joke!

  3. KCC must start cutting the ever growing staff empires of its officers and stop relying on huge annual tax increases on residents. They protect their empires much faster than working for the people who live in the county.

    The south east, especially Thanet is a deprived area with the few assets it has being improved by shutting down services and movibg them to the affluent regions. Thanet has a third world standard for its health service with the stroke unit about to be downgraded and moved away, A & E set to be downgraded and moved away. Zero employment opportunities for the young are just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. Here’s a thought. Millions could be saved by cutting the proposed Parkway station that no one wants, and which no one will use! Local authorities are expected to chip several millions, what a waste! The conservative KCC couldn’t run a bath!

  5. Why aren’t TDC and neighbouring councils pushing for an East Kent unitary authority? Together ther are big enough and then residents can control their own facilites and spending to give the people here good facilities and not just the wealthy areas nearer London

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