Residents wait for emergency repair team as water gushes through ceilings, lifts and electrics at Ramsgate towerblock

Water is pouring through the ceiling of Lisa's 8th floor flat

Water is currently gushing through ceilings, hallways and the lifts at Staner Court in Ramsgate.

Tenants in the 15-storey block in Manston Road say they are unable to use lifts and are worried about the danger of the flooded electrics.

Mum-of-three Lisa Fisher lives on the eighth floor and has water pouring through the ceiling of her flat and over the light switch panels. The hallway outside her flat and the lift is also flooded.

The 29-year-old and her partner Scott Barker believe the flood is coming from the rooftop water tank. Contractor Mears has been contacted but, although the incident has been logged, no-one is yet at the site (see update below, repairs now made).

Lisa, who suffers from relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis said getting down eight flights of stairs is an impossibility and all she can do is try and avoid using the electric.

She said: “This has happened twice before. There is also water coming in through my next door neighbour’s ceiling, through my friend’s flat on the ninth floor and I heard the top floor is completely flooded.

“The electric box in the hallway that supplies the flats on this floor is flooded.

“Mears said it is logged but even when it is stopped, what about the damage? We have just laid new lino and now that is bubbled and ruined.

“It is absolutely disgusting.”

The Isle of Thanet News has contacted Mears and property owner Thanet council.

UPDATE 6.10pm: County councillor Karen Constantine has contacted Mears to ask what action is being taken. Contractors are not at the block and the flooding has been stopped.

She said: “I called Mears and established that the flood was on the 14 floor and has been fixed. An electrician is on site. Three flats have been affected by the flood. The lifts are out of action and a cleaning team is going in. The flood is all the way down the block.

“I welcome the action take so far by Mears but I want to know that a robust safety assessment is being undertaken and I’m waiting for Mears to update me. It is a distressing time for residents. TDC must do all they can to ensure people are safe and that any damage is rectified.“

UPDATE Dec 23: Deputy Thanet council leader visited Trove Court today. She said: “A call was received notifying Mears of a leak at 3.38pm. Mears arrived on site at 4pm, isolated the leak which was found to be in one of the connections to the roof tank, and turned the water back on once the leak was repaired.

“An electrician was on site until 9pm, and visited all affected flats. As water had entered the lift shaft, a lift engineer was on site at 6.20pm, and cleaners removed water from communal areas and left at 6.30pm. Mears have been on site since 6.30am today. Residents with mobility issues have been contacted to see if they need any help in the interim, as of writing everyone is ok and if anyone needs any help in the interim they have been advised to contact East Kent Housing.

“I have knocked at all flats I knew were affected, and it was lovely to meet so many residents who were very understanding regarding what needs to be done.

“Currently the lift shaft is drying out before the electrics are tested, with Mears and the lift engineers still on site. We are hoping to have the lift up and running by this evening, but Mears will be back on site from 6am tomorrow if the lift shaft doesn’t dry quickly enough.

“I am so sorry that residents have had to deal with this, especially so close to Christmas, but we are working as hard as we can to fix things and I will update on here as soon as we have the lift working again.

“If anyone needs to contact me regarding this my email is [email protected].”


  1. This is absolutely disgusting. The contractor should be out to assess the situation within an hour. I’m very concerned for the residents. In particular the water getting into the electrics is most concerning. Frankly some of our Thanet tower blocks are very ‘tired’, we desperately need to update them, or better still replace them. Residents often raise safety fears, especially in light of the Grenfell disaster. Many families and those with limited mobility desperately want homes that are fit for purpose.

    • Tdc have starved ekh of funding for repairs and maintenance, nothing is checked or inspected but left till it fails at which point there are additional repair costs. Huge number of issues need sorting across the whole estate, going to cost millions and bankrupt large numbers of leaseholders.
      I can show you a low rise block where water penetrates because a roof door is rotten and a big chunk cut out of a corner for a pipe to exit, wind drives rain under the door and it leaks into the common areas.

  2. Hi. My name is Tanya and I live on the top floor. Floor 14. The top floor was flooded so bad. I could fit my hand in it and iy covered most of it from the tip to my wrist.
    Mears sent someone out as fast as they could. They are not at fault for this, the council is for making others build such dangerous living spaces. There had been a plummer out to stop the water. That was about a hour ago.
    There are also 2 others coming to fix things. An electronic to check the electricity and the flats, there is also an engineer to check the lifts. They ate working as fast as they cna but it is a Sunday. Not many people work on a Sunday. They are working on the problem and fixing it. The council should be the ones you should sue for the fact your property was dostroyed. Don’t blame mears they are trying hard.

    • I would absolutely agree with you. I don’t think anyone is blaming Mears, they have to fix it but clearly haven’t caused it.

  3. No news of the lifts being fixed… No news of the floors of the halls being fixed.. Council not answering as it’s Christmas and new years. Mears telling me exact same thing everytime I call them to get an update. (we are sorry but people are their fixing it….) no… I want updates, I need to know when it’s fixed. I need to know how the fuck I’m getting out of the top floor when I’m disabled and with a 2 year old..

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