Vandals destroy festive ‘knit-bomb’ postbox topper in Birchington

The topper was targeted and destroyed

Knitters behind the festive postbox toppers in Birchington have vowed to carry on the tradition despite vandals targeting the creations.

Fantastic festive ‘knit-bombings’ have been appearing across the isle this month. Beautifully created postbox toppers with an array of Santas, angels, snowmen and more have cropped up in Minster, Birchington, Westgate and Cliffsend.

But yesterday (December 8) vandals destroyed one of the toppers in Birchington that had been created by local Karen Everest and other residents.

Karen said: “It’s very upsetting. This is probably someone’s idea of fun. It was always a risk, but one worth taking and we will do it all again next year.”


  1. ” …have vowed to carry on the tradition”
    What tradition? A tradition is something that’s been going on for a number of years. You can’t “start” a tradition.
    I do, however, object to vandalism in any form.

    • There have been knitted toppers in Thanet for at least 3 years (I did photos in 2017 when I started the website and that wasn’t the first year they had appeared) so I think tradition is fair

      • How long did real traditions take to become established? Are there any social historians reading this who might know?

      • “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.”.
        No, you can’t.

        • That is only one definition..this one comes from the Merriam Webster Dictionary..

          “Examples of tradition in a Sentence
          One of our town’s time-honored traditions is to have an Easter egg hunt the week before Easter. It is their tradition to give thanks before they start eating. There’s an office tradition of wearing casual clothes on Fridays. They no longer follow the traditions of their ancestors.“

          There is no absolute requirement for a ‘tradition’ to be hundreds of years old as indicated above and, of course, all traditions have a start-point..!

  2. I am afraid it is the state of the younger generation now you always get a minority of brainless specimens about who think they are funny
    well they are in the head lol

    • and they are second / third generation brainless specimens. Their parents have brought them up to be that way. No respect or regard for anyone else.

  3. Andrew,
    Please shut up!
    You are being a pedantic bore, if you cannot say something positive, keep your finger from your keyboard.
    This is a fantastic idea, and a tradition worth promoting for future years.

  4. It seems much too new to be a tradition- more of a current trend, that may become a tradition if it lasts long enough.

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