Man remains in custody in connection with Birchington stabbing

Police at the scene

A man remains in custody today (December 9) following the stabbing of a male in Birchington yesterday.

Kent Police was called at around 2pm to reports of a disturbance at a property in Crescent Road, Birchington.

Officers attended and discovered a man had been stabbed in the chest. He was taken to a London hospital by air ambulance.

Police carried out enquiries at the scene to determine the circumstances of the incident and the forensic team was called in. Extra patrols were drafted into the area but officers are not looking for anyone else connected with the incident.

A man was arrested and he remains in custody. The victim is said to be ‘stable.’

A Kent Police spokesman said: “The arrested man remains in custody and our enquiries are ongoing. The victim remains in hospital in a stable condition.”

Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference 08-0797.


  1. Birchington, once a sleepy Village, now enraged by a potential stabbing attempted murder.
    Whoever made all those Police cuts, and prevents stronger steps being taken against all the Blade Maniacs, should never be allowed to run a Country!
    My thoughts entirely!

  2. I hope they get better again soon whoever they are.

    We can attempt to vote the greedy Tories out on 12th December Robster. They have certainly got blood and death on their hands for all the cuts they have done whilst running the country. Obviously, things like this were bound to increase when there is no deterent and no police available to keep control.
    But who is going to replace them if at all? We need a complete change of will by the people. We need to stand up and be counted against these Tory repressors.

    • What a load of drivel, no information as to what sparked the incident, no insight into who was involved, tories blamed for imprisoning too many and reducing the police, but any time something happens there should be greater law and order measures.
      There are too many unpleasant people in society, a majority of stabbings are gang / drug related often as enforcement of drug debts, whether thats the case here who knows, is there a drug problem in the area in which it happened?

      • Well said. The Labour supporters complaining about a lack of deterrent in this thread seem unaware that the Labour Party is going to stop short term prison sentences under 6 months and focus on community sentencing ,say goodbye to the most effective deterrent courtesy of the Labour Party.

        • “the most effective deterrent”? what crimes that people commit that get under 6 months in prison?

          knifing someone isnt one of them

          your point isnt relevant to this article at all. you are just whinging about something you likely know very little about.

          please prove me wrong. tell me about what is and isnt effective as a deterrent to petty criminals?

          labour also want to put money in to mental health services. which in turn will likely reduce crime from those who are mentally unwell.

          • Just about every long term substance abuser can claim (and be diagnosed with) mental health problems, this immediately gives them a reason for being unable to stop committing crime, shoplifting has become acceptable, even carrying a knife is meant to be a custodial sentence, but straight away the do gooders and overly warm hearted will make excuses.
            Cannabis is seen by many as harmless, it mostlikely has a place as a medicine and do little harm to mature casual users, but it takes a terrible toll on the developing brains of those that are lifelong users from their early teens.
            Make excuses for a person happy to carry a knife then don’t complain when someone gets hurt, what was considered a london problem is just as likely to be an issue in your area, you either stamp down hard on it or accept it and live with the consequences whilst hoping it never affects it affects those close to you.
            Want to fund mental health no problem , lets do something about those in society unable to keep their heads out of the fridge and whose excess weight costs the nhs 16 billion a year and accounts or 12% of the drug bill. We can all accept that there are a minority who have a real problem regarding weight but for it to affect so many , there is no excuse for a lack of personal and social responsibility. But because the issue is so widespread politicians won’t dare touch the problem.
            We get the society we create, and that happens as much from the electorate as though we elect to lead us.

          • Community sentencing is a joke, as is asking violent criminals to apologise to their victims. The vast majority of citizens want offenders locked up, not out roaming the streets to commit more crimes.
            Most offenders know that you have to have countless convictions nowadays before you receive a jail sentence. It’s people with your attitude towards criminals that empowers them. Crime might be petty to you but the victims of crime think differently than you.
            Ask most policeman if they would like to see more perpetrators in jail for their crimes and the answer is a resounding yes. The police keep having to arrest the same scum week in week out because some liberal apologist believes they need a third, fourth, fifth, sixth chance. The victims of crime need to come first.

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