Police investigate after woman ‘dragged in car’ in Ramsgate and held against her will

Emergency services

Police are investigating a report of a woman being ‘dragged’ into a car in Ramsgate and then held against her will yesterday (December 8).

The incident took place in Crescent Road, Ramsgate, at around 6.20pm. It is reported that the woman managed to escape when the vehicle was near Minster roundabout.

A shocked family member posted a warning to social media  saying the woman was “dragged” into the vehicle “by the shop on Crescent Road, managed to escape near Minster roundabout. Be vigilant. Anyone with CCTV at the end of Codrington Road/ Crescent Road please contact police.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating a report that a woman was held against her will after getting into a vehicle in Crescent Road, Ramsgate, at around 6.20pm on Sunday (December 8).

“The woman is understood to have got out of the vehicle near the Minster Roundabout. No injuries have been reported and enquiries to establish the full circumstances are underway.”

It is understood that officers are checking CCTV to confirm make and model of the vehicle. Kent Police can be contacted on 101.


  1. Not another Uber taxi driver?Seriously,even not knowing the exact circumstances here, there have been various reports on local social media of motorists stalking women. I hope the Police are using all the CCTV, car cameras and more to identify who is doing this. The evidence in the McCann case, widely reported, should ring alarm bells for copycat behaviours latent in the sexually perverted.

  2. Why is there no description of the perpetrator? Could it be the same guy who tried to force himself into two other cars driven by women in Newington a couple of days earlier ?

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