Retirement block residents ‘trapped’ due to lift being broken for six weeks

Homefern House residents have been struggling due o the lift being out of action

Residents in Homefern House in Margate have been struggling to get in and out of their properties due to a lift being out of action for six weeks.

The 96 flat, warden assisted retirement property in Cobbs Place, run by Arrow  Leasehold Management Ltd, is home to many people with impaired mobility.

Margate’s Modern Provider bakery owner Ben Wykes has been helping an elderly friend who he said has been virtually housebound.

Ben, 34, has been in contact with Arrow demanding to know when repairs will be made. He said at least 20 residents with mobility problems are suffering due to the delay in fixing the lift.

He said: “The lift has been out of order for about six weeks. Many residents are disabled or physically impaired and rely on the lift to get out of the building and see friends, do shopping etc.

“I have been helping an elderly friend with his shopping as he is completely house bound due to this.”

Arrow manages properties with leaseholders paying a management fee for services including day to day management of the block/estate and raising and managing routine reactive repairs.

In response to Mr Wykes complaints Arrows’ Head of Operations told him: “We completely understand residents’ frustration with the ongoing issues with the lift.

“Unfortunately, when the lift originally broke down and the engineers attended to repair, they encountered further issues which highlighted more serious issues and thus needed to order specific parts to repair.

“We are disappointed with the engineer, who is contracted to maintain the lifts, that this has taken so long, but we are actively pushing to resolve.

“This is not consistent with our management and we have contacted leaseholders to keep them informed and expressed our apologies, we have a good relationship with the residents of Homefern House and we are doing everything we can to get this resolved, as is the onsite manager.”

Mr Wykes has now been told the lift will be operational by close of play Monday.