Police investigate after stranger tries to pull open woman’s car door as she drove in Ramsgate

Emergency services

Police officers are investigating after a man attempted to pull open the door of a woman’s car as she was driving in Ramsgate this morning (December 6).

Teaching assistant Amii Waters was driving in The Centre in Newington when a man she describes as “an Asian looking male with a short beard and wearing a grey/white jacket,” attempted to pull open her car door.

In a warning posted to social media Amii said: “I sped up and he chased the car. As I approached the school he was nowhere to be seen. This was by the Spar in Newington. Please be vigilant and lock car doors straight away.”

An incident is also reported to have taken place in the alley by Newington primary yesterday when a man of a similar description ran up to a woman and cornered her by the fence. The woman managed to run away and reported the man’s actions to Kent Police.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 8.03am to a report a man approached the occupants of a car in The Centre, Newington.

“The man is reported to have approached the driver’s side door and the motorist drove away before any communication was made. Initial enquiries to establish the full circumstances are underway.”