Haeckels Margate holds Barter Day

Haeckels House

Seaweed-based body care and perfumery business Haeckels is bucking the Black Friday trend by holding a Barter Day at its Margate store.

The store at 18 Cliff Terrace is inviting customers to exchange their service or item they  believe will be of use and value to the business in exchange for Haeckels products.

Laura Wythe, from Haeckels, said: “We are calling this a ‘Barter Day’; it will be available in-store only and we are leaving it up to our customers to decide the value of the service or item they would like to exchange for the product. Nothing is too big or too small.

“We believe that creating a circular economy and building community is a small but effective way to way to start improving and tackling the huge environmental issues the planet faces. Education and inspiration can spark big change and we want to be part of it.”

Haeckels Margate store will be open today until 5pm.

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  1. Well done that is a very good idea it may be of good use to both seller and buyer and it is a better system than black friday where you are not sure your getting a good deal.

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