Repairs fundraiser to be held after thieves steal lead from roof of a Ramsgate church

St Laurence Church Josh Tilley [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

A fundraiser has been launched for repairs to St Laurence Church in Ramsgate after thieves stole lead from the roof.

The fabric of the Grade 1 listed building is now being damaged by water leaks. The damage is exacerbated by a broken boiler meaning the building is currently unheated. Due to the leaks and cold some church services and events are having to be held in the church hall.

Undeterred by the setback, the congregation is raising money to repairing the building, which is  the oldest church in the area.

To launch their campaign, the church has teamed up with the Sarah Thorne Theatre  to invite Merry  Opera  to perform their widely acclaimed staged production of Handel’s Messiah in the church hall on Saturday, November 23 at 6pm, or if temporary heating can be arranged, then inside the church itself.

Tickets are £18 each and are available from the Church Office (cash only) or online from


  1. I hope Smart Water has been used on the lead so if it is taken to the scrap yard it will show up that it’s stolen. Churches need to do this to be able to get insurance these days unfortunately.

    • My guess the answer is no it wasn’t, Kent Resident’
      otherwise they wouldn’t need to fund raise, smart water is very cheap compared to replacing the stolen lead, presence of a police patrol during the night, like the old days, would be a good deterrent for these thieving scum bags. Surely there’s CCTV that could identify the very few vehicles around during that night!

  2. could well not be insured, would you insure a valuable easily stolen item that’s loosely attached to an unoccupied, unlit building?

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