Two teens arrested in connection with vandalism of more than 50 cars in Thanet and Faversham

Vehicles suffered damage including smashed windows

Two teenage boys have been arrested during an investigation into reports of criminal damage to cars in Thanet and Faversham.

Kent Police received around 50 reports of criminal damage caused to the windscreens and windows of parked vehicles in Margate, Westgate-on-Sea, Birchington and Faversham overnight between around 7pm on Monday, October 28 into the early hours of the following morning.

Two boys from Faversham, aged 16 and 15, were arrested on November 1 and 2 on suspicion of criminal damage.

They have both been released on bail until November 22 while enquiries continue.

Sergeant Steve Moat, from the Thanet Community Safety Unit, said: ‘We would like to thank all those who have responded to our appeal and come forward with information, evidence or CCTV footage to help our enquiries into the damage.

“Due to the similarity in reports, we are currently looking into the possibility that the damage to cars in Thanet could be linked with the incidents in Faversham.

“It has been reported the damage was mostly carried out using projectiles such as stones.

“If anyone saw the damage being carried out, or their own car was damaged during that evening and they haven’t reported it to us yet, I would urge them to call Kent Police as soon as possible on 01843 222289 quoting 28-1626.”

Alternatively, contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or using the anonymous online form at


  1. Justice requires that the parents shall be made liable for restitution but the the kids shall also be detained for a sufficient period to scare the hell out of them in a place far enough away from home to make no new long-term friends who would be likely to adversely influence their behaviour after their release. Their parents should be left in no doubt that society expects them to put a stop to this misbehaviour once and for all.

    • All i can say is my younger days 13 to 15 (I’m 60 now). I was a shoplifter / car thief in with my mates (we never done damage for the sake of it).
      There was about 10 of us so it was a case of keeping in with the crowd/mates.
      My parents got fined . I regret that now as they couldn’t afford it, Did i care at the time NO.
      Straight back with my mates next day/week.
      We were really a bad lot for theft.
      I got a Borstal sentence, did 9 months an never did anything wrong again.
      Trouble is these days, the courts give one a slap on wrist, I think their hands are tied so to speak.with the prions being full.

  2. Unfortunately justice in the uk doesn’t work that way. The parents will take zero responsibility for their children’s actions and the children will be let off with a verbal warning from a liberal criminal justice system that sees criminals as the victims of crime. The only people who will actually pay for this crime are the victims who will be forced to pay higher premiums on their insurance and other costs associated with the crime.
    Young offenders are laughing in the face of their victims because they know the CPS does its best nowadays not to prosecute them. CPS in today’s times should stand for criminal protection service.

  3. The vandalism in Thanet was not just vandalism but theft. My neighbour had a bag stolen. The culprits were on a scooter (I have the Cctv evidence). I have also seen the culprits regularly riding down my street, 2 up no helmets on a scooter with no licence plate. I have reported this on numerous occasions to the police and guess what?: NOTHING. Haven’t even asked for the Cctv. I’m no expert, but I would have thought that smashing windows on a moving moped with stones would be very difficult. I know police resources are stretched, but that doesn’t account for blatent stupidity.

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