More than 30 vehicles damaged in Thanet during overnight vandalism spree

Vehicles suffered damage including smashed windows

Police are asking people in Margate, Westgate and Birchington to check their CCTV and dashcam footage as part of an investigation into more than 30 cars being damaged in just 12 hours.

Overnight between around 7pm Yesterday (October 28) and 7am today, more than 30 vehicles were reportedly damaged, with many having windscreens and windows broken.

Vehicles were parked in streets including Epple Bay Road, Cross Road, Sea Road and Sussex Gardens in Birchington; Cuthbert Road, Roxburgh Road, Rowena Road and Sea Road in Westgate; and Tyson Avenue and Royal Esplanade in Margate.

Officers are currently treating the reports as linked while initial enquiries are ongoing.

Sergeant Steve Moat of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “Officers are carrying out house-to-house enquiries in the areas affected and the owners of the damaged vehicles are being identified and spoken to.

“If you believe your car might have been damaged and you have not yet reported it to Kent Police, I would urge you to do so it can be investigated.

“It is not acceptable to have your property and belongings damaged in this way and we will look to identify those responsible and take action against them.

“We are appealing for residents to check their own home CCTV systems and dashcam devices installed in vehicles – particularly if you were either driving along those roads between 7pm and midnight on Monday 28 October or parked overnight.

“Also if you think you saw anyone acting suspiciously in any of the areas, call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 28-1626.’

Alternatively, people  contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or using the anonymous online form at


  1. There was also a gang of youths (20-25) between the ages of 13-20 throwing paint, lightbulbs and bits of metal at cars driving down past the Madeira walk waterfall in Ramsgate last night. These kids are intentionally trying to make cars crash. If these idiots had smashed a windscreen there could have been a head on collision or worse.
    Something needs to be done about these feral kids, it’s time to make the parents responsible for their out of control kids, they would soon start caring where their kids are and perhaps start disciplining them.

      • Didn’t have my mobile on me as I was out jogging. Hopefully one of the motorists called them. It’s not the first time they have done it at that location.

    • Yes they need to be given hope they need to be shown their is a future they can believe in. They needed people and society to be interested in them to invest in them to provide activities and events weekly for them to attend and be active. However the ukip and Tory councils would rather cut these services hopefully the Labour council will change this andd start to really invest in transfers and children of Thanet rather than writing them off

  2. The Tories keep promising to increase police numbers, but they never materialise, and in the meantime we all suffer from lawlessness! Its the same with the drunken Paupers in Ramsgate High Street, recently I saw five of them having a drunken row with each other, opposite Boots, at 11 in the morning! Opposite Wilko’s is an Employment Agency, and I saw 7 unskilled jobs in the window! These layabouts aren’t interested in working, because Begging is more lucrative! But why isn’t there any police foot patrols to move this Riff Raff on? I would like to see Work Houses brought back, perhaps six weeks doing a bit of hard labour might give these feckless wasters their self respect back!

  3. Any connection with the “camper vans and trucks” along sea road westgate and all the shouting a screaming the other night.?

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