Mocketts Wood Surgery in St Peter’s placed in special measures

Mocketts Wood Surgery has been placed in special measures

The Mockett’s Wood surgery in St Peter’s has been placed in special measures after being rated as inadequate by the Care Quality Commission.

The measures mean the surgery in Hopeville Avenue could be shut down if it does not make adequate improvements in the next six months.

In a report published this week the surgery was rated inadequate in three areas – safety, effectiveness and leadership – as requires improvement for being responsive and rated good for caring services.

The surgery, which has  9,208 patients on the books, was inspected in July and again in August. Inspectors found that the practice had not answered complaints, identified learning or made improvements to mitigate risks to patients.

It did not have the appropriate equipment and medicines for an emergency; practice staff who had contact with the public had not been appropriately immunised to keep them safe; appropriate checks on staff prior to appointing them were not carried out; the practice had not appropriately assessed, scoped, trained and supervised members of the clinical team and the overall governance arrangements were not consistently effective.

The inspection team was led by a CQC lead inspector and also included a GP specialist advisor and a practice manager specialist advisor.

Inspectors found a number of breaches of health and social care regulations, including the failure to investigate the concerns and provide an explanation to complaints. The report says: “They had not sought clinical advice or considered if other patients may have been placed at risk.”

Inspectors added: “The arrangements for identifying, recording and managing risks, issues and implementing mitigating actions were not operated effectively, in particular in relation to succession planning for staff, the management of fire risk, complaints and safe recruitment of staff.”

The practice has two GPs and a salaried GP partner, six practice nurses, four healthcare assistants and a pharmacist. They are supported by an administrative team.

Chief inspector Dr Rosie Benneyworth said: “I am placing this service in special measures. Services placed in special measures will be inspected again within six months.

“If insufficient improvements have been made such that there remains a rating of inadequate for any population group, key question or overall, we will take action in line with our enforcement procedures to begin the process of preventing the provider from operating the service.

“This will lead to cancelling their registration or to varying the terms of their registration within six months if they do not improve. The service will be kept under review and if needed could be escalated to urgent enforcement action.

“Where necessary, another inspection will be conducted within a further six months, and if there is not enough improvement we will move to close the service by adopting our proposal to remove this location or cancel the provider’s registration. Special measures will give people who use the service the reassurance that the care they get should improve.”

The surgery must make improvements to:

  • Ensure care and treatment is provided in a safe way to patients.
  • Ensure that any complaint received is investigated and any proportionate action is taken in response to any failure identified by the complaint or investigation
  • Establish effective systems and processes to ensure good governance in accordance with the fundamental standards of care

The special measures and inadequate grading has promptd an outcry frompatients who say the surgery is outstanding.

Many patients have ctiticised the CQC, with one saying: “What planet do these inspectors live on? The pressure these doctors work under must be enormous but they are always patient and caring.”

Another said: “This is the best surgery I’ve ever been to, I always get seen the same day I call, even just to talk about medication, the staff and doctors have been amazing, I literally cannot fault them at all, their a great team, they go above and beyond.”

Find the CQC report here


  1. I have found Mocketts Wood to be one of the best surgeries in the area. It is always easy to get an appointment, all the staff are helpful and well mannered, the appointment system (including the walk in surgeries) work well and efficiently. To be honest, I’m not sure these inspectors were looking at the same surgery! I also think that they can’t have seen how appalling the GP/patient ratio is in this area. A good practice is hard to find and this is one of the better ones.

  2. Another clear sign of OUR NHS having to operate under increasing pressures. We need our Government to act immediately to replace the bursaries, to support GPs and address the issues raised by the Royal College on Nursing and the BMA. Our local NHS services are crumbling before our very eyes. I shall be calling for this issue to be addressed urgently at the next Kent HOSC. Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

  3. My husband and I have always been happy with the service we get from this surgery, all the staff are courteous and very helpful. We have never had cause to complain.

  4. Best surgery in Thanet CQC are inadequate not this surgery, considering the number of patients and the hours the doctors work occasionally things go wrong

  5. Brilliant service great people and always managed to get an appointment. They went over and above the call of duty when we lost my Dad. Well done to everyone who has also looked after my mum. What can I say there is no need to shut this doctors surgery we need it and where would we all go?

  6. This is the best surgery i have ever been to always helpful and very caring always spotless think something is wrong with these people who have inspected it.

    • I’ve always found the doctors nurses and staff really good the best surgery around there all very caring and go out of the way to help you couldn’t wish for better what’s the matter with these people I think they take some beating there’s a lot of pressure on surgeries today and I for one think they do a great job to leave them alone

  7. This surgery is the best I’ve ever been to. The walk-in clinics are brilliant and work well! Staff are always helpful and pleasant. We actually followed the doctors here when they left the Broadway Health Centre (because they were so good) which was terrible after it was “privatised.” They couldn’t recruit any permanent GP’s! I know we were not the only ones to transfer.

  8. Cannot believe this! As a family have always been very happy with the lengths they go to be available and helpful to their patients.

  9. I hope CQC a reading the above comments! I have nothing but praise for the surgery, there aren’t many these day where you can be seen the same day, are treated with dignity and respect and receive excellent treatment. I dread to think how many hours the GP’s do each week to offer this service.

  10. What total nonsense. Mocketts Wood Surgery and their staff are amazing. I have always been treated promptly and professionally. Surgery staff are friendly and helpful. CQC should pay more attention to our local A & E which is both filthy and inadequate.

  11. Marvellous practice with a terrifically hard working and dedicated team led by two industrious and committed doctors. Ridiculous appraisal by the inspectors,how demoralising for the staff who work damned hard there under constant pressure. Assistance NOT criticism is what’s needed! Perhaps these inspectors should be back at the coal face rather than picking holes!

  12. what are thoes people talking about we cant praise the surgery and Doctors enough they work 110 percent nothing is to much for them and there staff every thing you cant fault even the grounds we dont know how they do it if you need hospital appointments they get you in they are excellant Doctors we cannot fault the surgery we have lived in Broadstairs for 20+years without fear or condtradiction that,1)dedicated Dr’s.2)Built up exellent surgery3)patient numbers up4)walk in clinic’s this surgery must not close

  13. I couldn’t agree more with the many patients mentioned in your article what planet are these inspectors on. Mockets Wood is the best surgery in the area with excellent staff and service. I don’t know of any other surgery where you can get an appointment so quickly or even just turn up and wait.What should also be considered is where are all their patients going to go if it shuts down.

  14. This is the most amazing surgery and by far the best in this area. All the staff are very helpful and caring . I have been a patient since the current Doctors took over and cannot praise them enough

  15. This surgery is amazing, best in the area. All doctors and staff are helpful kind compassionate caring and knowledgable. Have been with them since Drs Reddy and Shree went there and have had fantastic treatment

  16. Unbelievable, proof that these quangos are full of jobsworths whose agenda is to insure they stay employed. This team of doctors have been absolutely incredible. Their support team are the best we’ve ever known. CQC bow your heads in shame, just look at the responses from the patients on this site and beware of bringing any future sanctions that might put this surgery at risk. There will be some very unhappy patients who rely on these wonderful professionals.

    • Spot on seen it all before in your comments regarding ‘jobsworths ‘ . The Latin phrase ‘ Quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes ? literally translated ‘Who will guard the guard themselves? comes to mind. There are deep seated fundamental issues in the administration of the health sector in this Country and its not just down to financial funding. Finally good luck to the supporters/patients of Mocketts Wood.

  17. Been our doctors for some 10 yrs and fantastic service. I can only think it’s a matter of paperwork not done or red tape not adhered to, which makes for same day appointments, phone consultations as promised,walk in clinics. Crazy ruling?

  18. It’s a medical centre to care for young and old, and in our opinion do it really well under extreme pressures. If the CQC are that interested in paper clips ,then check out NHS stores.

  19. I echo what everyone else has said. We too followed them from the health centre because we were so impressed. They have continued to give excellent service and I would be worried if I had to change drs.

  20. I have had experience with this surgery when my partner was treated for oesophageal cancer. Dr Reddy was superb in every way. The surgery has always been welcoming, friendly, professional and competent.

  21. The care I have received since moving to the surgery has been amazing. More than I can say for the one down the road which the reception staff think they are professionals and nearly left me in a coma. The hours the GP’s put in and still have time to call in regards to test results goes above and beyond. I for one wouldn’t want to see it closed. Come on CQC let’s support this surgery..

  22. This is the best surgery my wife and I have ever been to .
    The doctors and staff are amazing I have never ever experienced a problem or poor service.
    The surgery operates a walk in service twice a week where you will be guaranteed to see a doctor or nurse on Monday and Friday .
    I am lost for words that this surgery is in special measures .
    Please ask any one of the 9000 patients who use this GP practice they would all say how well they are treated.
    Unfortunately the patients never have a say in this matter.
    Keep up the good work to all the staff who must be demoralized
    You do provide and excellent service

  23. I really can’t believe this !
    I have found this a brilliant surgery .I can always get an appointment, there telephone triage system works well ,they are caring and considerate to there patients needs .
    I would be very sad to see such a great service go .

  24. I agree this is a really good surgery.
    We always get an appointment the surgery is well managed all the staff are helpful and friendly.
    I think the CQC must be talking about the wrong place.
    We have never heard a bad word said about the surgery and the fact that there is a waiting list as long as your arm must say something.
    The only thing I would say is reception staff do seem to change quite often.
    We went to Mockets Wood from the Broadway and if anywhere needs to close it’s there the staff are rude the drs don’t care and you can never get an appointment.
    Where on earth do the CQC think all the people on Mockets Wood list would go.
    Think we all need to get behind the surgery and make our voice heard or we will not have this great resource.
    I for one thank all the team there.

  25. The best GP surgery in the area. Could get an appointment on the same day. Doctors are very kind & caring. Supporting staff very polite & helpful. We must save this surgery.

  26. We absolutely do not believe this report. We have only had the best care and
    attention from the wonderful Doctors, nurses and staff. From Pauline and David

  27. I am dumfounded by this report. I have been cared for by the team and Dr Shree for the last five years with cancer and I couldn’t go to the end of the earth and find better, caring, loving staff. I have also been seen with a emergency asthma attack and everything stopped till they got me stable. How they have come to this conclusion is unbelievable. Sorry but you have got this so wrong

  28. My wife and I have been patients of Mocketts Wood Surgery and it’s predecessor since early in 1955 and we have nothing but praise for the way the practice has been run and the care which we have received throughout that time. Two more dedicated,caring and hard working doctors than those we have at present would be hard to find anywhere. We have found the ancillary nursing, reception and administrative staff to be friendly,courteous and helpful,

  29. HAVE THINGS GONE MAD, The surgery is the best in the area, Doctors and staff are so helpful could not wish foe a better service.

  30. I am so glad this has happened. The so called care my mother got at this surgery was appalling. She didn’t want to make a fuss and refused to complain, but the treatment she had alone would probably be enough to close the surgery down. i would be more than happy to take part in any proceedings against them. We finally persuaded our mother to move surgery and thank goodness we did as we found out just one month after that she had lung cancer. This may well have saved her life, because they ignored every sign.

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