Discussions said to be underway for two isle Traveller sites – with one by Minster services

The proposed site would be in the 'food station' area

A representative of The Gypsy Council revealed to Minster Parish councillors last night (October 1) that discussions are taking place for a 15 pitch site at land by the village service station.

The Gypsy Council is in negotiations with the owner of the land at Minster Services which currently has a food stall on it, to lease it for the site and an agreement would be followed by a planning application to the district council.

The concreted area, next to the Co-op service station and McDonalds, currently has a retrospective planning application from applicant Hayley Evans for mixed use Lorry park and catering trailer

Joseph P Jones of the Gypsy Council told the meeting that there had been discussions with  Thanet District Council which is looking for two sites for Travellers.

An action plan is being developed by Thanet council to deal with the growing number of unauthorised Traveller encampments in the district.

A working group has been set up to investigate the issue and  look at areas including Traveller accommodation, security measures and increased enforcement at high risk areas.

An update from the council’s Travellers Review sub committee is due on November 19. The  Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting will take place at the council offices in Cecil Street from 7pm. Members of the public may attend.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “We are aware of discussions between the UK Gypsy Council and a local landowner about a proposal to establish a site in Minster, however these discussions have not involved the council so far. Any proposals would need planning consent and no planning applications have been submitted.”

Unauthorised camps have risen from two in 2013 to 50 last year and  more than 45 this year.

The Friends, Families and Travellers charity say local authorities need to provide adequate land for travellers to stop as many families are forced to pull up in public spaces and on private land. This leaves many with interrupted access to basic water and sanitation, education and healthcare.

.An FFT spokesman previously told The Isle of Thanet News that sites should be made available, saying: “We would recommend that the district council and local authority work with the Traveller community in the area to identify land that would be suitable for building new sites to accommodate these residents.”

Minster Parish Council said members had been unaware of the negotiations.

The Friends, Families and Travellers charity have been asked for further details.


  1. If they are supplied with two sites how can they still be “ travellers “ Also how can it be safe for their children to be living next to a busy smelly garage surrounded by busy roads. There is plenty of spare land at the Sandwich bay nature reserve. That could accommodate up to 100 caravans.

    • What spare land would that be? There’s a good reason why it’s a nature reserve -it’s an important site for over-wintering birds; there are seal colonies in the area; local marine life is protected there. It is not a suitable place for an authorised site for travellers.

  2. This is something you do not want in any area! The shops in the area will be targets for crime and disorder. The area itself will be ruined as we know that travellers have no respect for any site they occupy. Having lived in an area that once accommodated travellers I know that burglaries became common ground and the community became hermits for fear of harassment from this type of group. I refuse to believe that when they lease a plot of land, that they continue to be ‘travellers’. They will pay zero council tax or any moneys that is used within the community. Veto this proposal and refuse this to happen! The world has no place for this lifestyle.

      • Brian, Travellers are not a race! They are people who want to opt out of society, and ponce off the settled community, ie: us! If they are provided with sites at public expense, then they should pay rent, taxes, and the Community Charge like the rest of us. They won’t stay long in any area, and because they are “Travellers” not Gypsies, they will move on to another site, once they outstay their welcome!

  3. Well Tony fence part of it off it would be better there at the far end near Bay Point there is no public access there.

    • It doesn’t matter if there’s no public access- a nature reserve is not primarily for people.
      Better to put the travellers’ site on a brownfield site where there would be (I suppose) drains and perhaps an electrical supply already available or easily re-connected. .

  4. This is outrageous, there are lots of vulnerable, old people in minster. They would be an easy target for these theiving no good people.

  5. Wow wonder how long TDC have known about this proposal. Thanks for letting Minster know.
    Wonder how many councillors live in that area.
    Roll on the next meeting.

  6. In principle, it’s a good idea. With an “official ” site, then it would make it much easier for TDC to take action against unlawful encroachments.
    However, I’m sure that rampant NIMBY-ism will rule the day.
    There is always the port, of course. Acres of land, no where near anyone else.

    • The port would also be an ideal site for light industry – it’s in town, near the Loop bus stop and, of course, the tunnel to the world beyond Ramsgate, i.e. the rest of Kent, Sussex, etc etc…

  7. Well said Andrew. Ramsgate port is ideal for these poor unfortunate souls. Who am I trying to kid, Dump them in the sea and rid us of these vagabonds. Fed up with liberal elite who would never be affected by them telling me I should be more tolerant. Bullshit upon bullshit.!

  8. Last year about a dozen “Travellers” set up between Tesco Extra, and the former University buildings in Broadstairs, its largely scrap ground there, although someone must own it! Its central, and not that close to any domestic dwellings, and must have access to mains drainage, power, schools etc. As mentioned before, where ever they may be sited, they should have to pay Rates, and rent, and behave themselves!

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