Ramsgate RNLI rescue two women from sea off Stone Bay

Photo Ramsgate RNLI
Ramsgate RNLI launched this morning (September 30) after two women were cut off by a very high tide near Stone Bay.
The inshore lifeboat responded at 11.46am and found the pair the water at the foot of the cliffs. The volunteer crew attempted to veer in twice but found the anchor would not hold, so decided to get  in as close as possible and put a crew member in the water who then made his way to the casualties.
Once the casualties were fitted with lifejackets the ILB made a second approach allowing the first woman to make her way to the boat with the assistance of the crewman who was in the water.
Photo Stephen Usana
The crewman then returned for the second casualty and once the ILB was close enough inshore, made his way back to the boat with her.
The ILB then returned to station with the two casualties where they were able to get out of their wet clothes and dry themselves. They were then given thermal jumpsuits, which are usually worn under the crews own kit whilst their clothes were drying in the station dryer.
An RNLI spokesperson said: “It was a very close call, on a day with particularly high tides. These conditions are expected to continue for a few more days so advise from the RNLI is to check the tides and always carry a means of communication with you when enjoying our coast line.”

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