Proposal for 20mph limit for Salmestone ward roads

The proposal is for roads in the Salmestone ward, including at the Victoria lights

A 20mph limit could be introduced throughout the Salmestone area of Margate.

Residents in the ward have been asked to take part in a survey to see if the measure would be supported.

A letter from the Salmestone Ward Residents Association says: “(This) would certainly sort out the appalling traffic situations which occur countless times each day at the Victoria lights and Coffin Corner and (it) will ensure our children and elderly are much safer in crossing the roads than they are at present.”

In the past, 20mph zones followed Department for Transport guidance which said they could be introduced, for example, as a casualty reduction measure or to improve public health.

To date, Kent has more than 1,000 roads with a 20mph zone or limit. In the past two years, 22 schemes covering 286 roads have been put in place.

The county council has now moved to a case by case approach for introducing schemes which have strong community support and a sponsor, such as a county councillor/parish or town council/ or a member of the local Joint Transportation Board.

To test success, KCC is to run a series of research pilots to determine effectiveness.

The Salmestone 20mph roads would include all those off Ramsgate Road up to Star Lane and would be on stretches outside Salmestone and St Gregory’s primary schools.

County Councillor Barry Lewis is backing the bid. He said: “As a Salmestone resident as well as the county councillor I will be voting yes. I think children should be protected from speeding traffic at school and at home.

“It should also be remembered that cars share the road with cyclists and it needs to be safe for pedestrians who are crossing. Hopefully a 20mph limit would also encourage more cycling and walking.”

Cllr Lewis also recently backed a successful 20mph zone bid by residents in Athelstan Road.


  1. I guess it’s a natural thing to introduce more 20 mph zones near schools or wherever there is heavy or severe congestion in our areas. In the case of Thanet more housing being promised on former arable land will add to the problems on our roads. Not against development but congestion will become worse just through numbers in such a small area.

    • My former Borough of Islington introduced a “20’s plenty” speed limit right across the place – including the Holloway Road [the A1 – England’s first designated road]. After 12 months it was evaluated and accidents to pedestrians had been cut by a third whilst strangely journey times across the Borough remained roughly the same. A “win-win” situation. Why anyone would want to drive fast through a built up area is odd – and very selfish. Costs are minimal – a few traffic signs and warning notices but if it saves the life of one child or one elderly resident it is money well spent.] For a more radical approach, see the hugely successful “Home Zones” introduced in the Netherlands.

    • There is plenty of research done, David to show that 20mph is safer. 9 out of 10 pedestrians will survive being hit at 20mph; at 30mph 4 out of 10 will die! Edinburgh, Bristol, Brighton, Calderdale, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Bath, all of which have wide area 20mph limits, show reduced road casualties. Over 20m people now live in Local Authorities which are committed to introducing 20mph as the default, with 30mph as the exception where needed.

    • David. The evidence is clear. In 9 times out of 10, a pedestrian will survive the impact of being hit by a car at 20mph; at 30mph, they will survive 6 times in 10. The physics of the safety of slower speeds is demonstrated in places that have adopted 20mph…Edinburgh, Bristol, Calderdale, Brighton, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Cheshire, Bath. More than 20 million people live in Local Authorities that have adopted 20mph as the default speed limit, with 30mph as exceptions. If any of those on this thread wish ‘ to have 20mph on their street, please contact 20’s Plenty for Kent

  2. How about instead of decreasing it, they actually enforce the current speed limit? It’s pointless decreasing it when it won’t be enforced. I’m all about safety, but when it’s proven, multiple times, that implementing a 20mph zone is more than 50% unsafe and is more dangerous, then what’s the point? Margate old town that Barry had backed shows this. But then I wouldn’t expect him to do any research, just like he reported those council employees in Broadstairs then backtracked on it. Don’t trust the guy.

    Sort out the parking and that junction, but decreasing the speed limit isn’t the answer.

    • KCC Cllr. Barry Lewis has been absolutely fantastic in his support of ARTRA – Athelstan Road Tenants & Residents’ Association – on numerous community issues & concerns, not least of which has been his response to the unanimous community decision to ask KCC to make Athelstan Road a 20mph zone, following two children under 10 being hospitalised after being hit by cars over the past 18 months – one with a shoulder injury & one with a hip injury. ARTRA’s response to the community’s decision on asking for our rat-run road, that experiences 40mph/50mph speeding on a daily basis, was to seek councillor support to help give the decision a decent chance of being granted by KCC & we are incredibly grateful to Barry Lewis for stepping up & helping us. Previously, it was KCC policy that no area could even be considered for a 20mph speed limit, unless someone had actually been killed, but thanks to Barry Lewis achieving adequate cross party support for the idea of changing this extremely severe policy – formerly requiring a fatality – the new KCC policy requires a community to ask for a 20mph limit & KCC will consider the community request. If it’s publicly acceptable for all schools nationwide to have 20mph zones, to keep children safe at school, why shouldn’t children be kept just as safe on the street where they live. ARTRA sincerely hope that KCC grant consent for Athelstan Road to become a 20mph zone & issues of enforcement will be dealt with, once the community requested limit is in place. ARTRA wish to extend a massive vote of thanks to KCC Cllr. Barry Lewis for all his ongoing support of our community on Athelstan Road.

  3. We hope this will get implemented in many more Cliftonville residential roads too. Dalby Square with it’s central park and childrens play area is just one example of where this is needed due to the speed vehicles can travel through that rat-run.

  4. can we also have speed limit along St peters Rd past QEQM , coming out of Drapers Close turning right is a nightmare as they come off 50mph part down to 30mph but very few people actually reduce the speed, we also have had many near misses when cyclists use pavement past QEQM and just go straight across our close with out stopping.

    • The issue on that junction is well noted by KCC, I believe they was looking to make it a “no right turn” onto Dane Court Road, instead making vehicles turn left and use the roundabout, which would benefit everyone. Even speed enforcement at 30mph wouldn’t help due to the bend of the road.

      Further more, they will be reinstating the double yellow lines opposite drapers close, as people use the road for parking just before the 50mph starts, which is very unsafe.

      • I hope Andrew you are wrong on the decision to make it no right turn out of Drapers Close, at busy times the traffic lines up way past this close, so sending even more traffic up to roundabout would be crazy and would cause chaos when someone tries to go right round the roundabout and comes back along the road. Easy solutions is to put in some sort of calming that will make traffic slow down

    • To empower your county councillor to take up the matter & seek workable solutions in your area, it may be best to form a tenants & residents association – this needn’t be a complicated, or difficult matter – please & read what we do & download our constitution, change the name & publicise an AGM – annual general meeting – invite your local councillors & county councillors to attend & vote in your new association’s officers – chairperson, secretary & treasurer – then you can campaign for local issues with infinitely more authority than any one individual can do alone. All the very best!

  5. Thank you for your inputs, I have one vote in the Salmestone ballot, and unlike some local politicians I consult and listen to my electorate. Residents should decide whether they want a default 20 mile speed limit or retain 30 miles limits,I just believe people who live in a road should have a say on road safety in their street rather than outsiders

    • Go a step further: ban parking on the pavements. Pavements are, after all, for pedestrians. They are not over spill car parks.

  6. This whole discussion would be unnecessary if drivers simply stuck to the basic rule of driving “at a speed appropriate to road and traffic conditions”. Perhaps this should be the focus of attention.

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