Proposal for 20mph limit for Salmestone ward roads

The proposal is for roads in the Salmestone ward, including at the Victoria lights

A 20mph limit could be introduced throughout the Salmestone area of Margate.

Residents in the ward have been asked to take part in a survey to see if the measure would be supported.

A letter from the Salmestone Ward Residents Association says: “(This) would certainly sort out the appalling traffic situations which occur countless times each day at the Victoria lights and Coffin Corner and (it) will ensure our children and elderly are much safer in crossing the roads than they are at present.”

In the past, 20mph zones followed Department for Transport guidance which said they could be introduced, for example, as a casualty reduction measure or to improve public health.

To date, Kent has more than 1,000 roads with a 20mph zone or limit. In the past two years, 22 schemes covering 286 roads have been put in place.

The county council has now moved to a case by case approach for introducing schemes which have strong community support and a sponsor, such as a county councillor/parish or town council/ or a member of the local Joint Transportation Board.

To test success, KCC is to run a series of research pilots to determine effectiveness.

The Salmestone 20mph roads would include all those off Ramsgate Road up to Star Lane and would be on stretches outside Salmestone and St Gregory’s primary schools.

County Councillor Barry Lewis is backing the bid. He said: “As a Salmestone resident as well as the county councillor I will be voting yes. I think children should be protected from speeding traffic at school and at home.

“It should also be remembered that cars share the road with cyclists and it needs to be safe for pedestrians who are crossing. Hopefully a 20mph limit would also encourage more cycling and walking.”

Cllr Lewis also recently backed a successful 20mph zone bid by residents in Athelstan Road.