Kent County Council leader Paul Carter to step down

Paul Carter will step down as leader

Kent County Council leader Paul Carter has announced he will stand down from his role on October 17 after 14 years of heading the authority.

In a letter to the Conservative Group today Cllr Carter said: “This statement is to announce my intention to stand down as the Leader of Kent County Council. The Conservative Group will elect a new Group Leader at the Conservative Group AGM on October 4. The new Leader will be appointed and take over at the County Council meeting on October 17.

“After 14 years as Leader of Kent County Council, it is time to pass on the challenge to a new individual. This will enable the new administration to build on the successful track record of the County Council and prepare for success in the County Elections in May 2021.

“I will continue as a Kent County Councillor and intend to continue in public service, devoting my time and energy in two particular areas. In recent years, I have invested considerable time in health and social care integration, developing “Local Care”. Accelerated progress in designing integrated health and social care services that support patients in the community and their own homes and avoids hospitalisation wherever possible.

“Further to this, I would like to continue utilising my considerable experience in the education world. The post-16 education landscape needs radical change, greater choices and opportunities need to be provided to young people not destined to enter higher education. More vocational and apprenticeship pathways need to be developed alongside first class independent careers guidance.”

Cllr Carter began in local politics when he was elected to Maidstone Borough Council from 1992 to 1996. He was elected to KCC in 1997 and became leader in 2005.


  1. It’s about time he went, long overdue. The Tories seem to have a knack of picking the incompetent, I’m all right jack, love me love me do type to be their leaders. All wind and no sail. Cameron-Mayhem-Johnson-Carter. To name but a few.

  2. Goodbye Mr. ‘Arse-end of Kent’! A man who could be extremely arrogant and insulting. Good news indeed for Thanet

    • Christine if you would now factor in KCC and Manston and environmental hazards to health including water supply .. you would do more justice to the facts of Thanet life expectancy and years spent in ill health.

      Thanet health was sold out to keep Manston centric plans and investment alive. DEFRA issued guidelines in 2007 re toxic hazard of residue of firefighting foam. Now it is me who called in DEFRA drinking water inspectorate to get use of Manston aquifer as a drinking water source stopped.

      The total history of TDC and KCC non compliance with NHS CCG joint planning law including breaches of statutory duties by yer pal Karen Constantine and connivance by yer pals SONIK IMO

  3. Paul Carter the worst thing that ever happened to Thanet, he has on numerous times put the area down and did everything he could to stop Thanet prospering like the rest of Kent. good riddance. problem is Thanet will get another KCC incumbent with the same attitude to the area unless it gets a leader from East kent.

  4. I am pleased to see that the views expressed here comply with mine. My biggest query is how he was re-elected over the years of his service. Let’s not forget that Councillors have to elect their Leader at their annual meetings, so why him? He had fingers in many pies, mostly involvement with private companies that could have compromised his ability to speak for the council-tax payers. He certainly does not appear to have supported us very often.

  5. During his career at KCC he has allowed the roads in Thanet to deteriorate to the point most 3rd World Countries would be ashamed if they had them! As council tax payers he is going to waste £27.65 million (Thanet Extra 17/4/19) of our money on a Parkway Railway station which is unwanted, and unnecessary! The money could be better spent on re-surfacing all the roads in Thanet, and the cycle lanes, to make cycling a better safer choice, than using a car or even a train in many cases! That’s the Tory’s for you, they couldn’t run a bath!

  6. Paul Carter, KCC leader who challenged a Tory government in the courts over money allocated to Hartsdown School in Margate. He won, but did absolutely nothing about it. No surprise there. Yet another politician with interests in everything other than providing public services for Thanet.
    Love the quote about Rats leaving a stinking pile of sh*t along with his pay masters in Westminster. By the way, glad to hear Roger Gale is thinking of leaving the rat-pack, he’s been another complete waste of time for Thanet. I won’t even bother with Craig ” I’m not sure who I am ” Mackinlay. He’s probably having a pint with Farage asking if he can rejoin his brigade of what about me Thatcherites.

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