Nothing to see here – move along – just a dinosaur on the beach at Broadstairs

Dino at Viking Bay Photo Hazel Cox

Beach-goers in Broadstairs were caught by surprise today (August 24) when they were joined on the sands by a dinosaur.

The prehistoric visitor is thought to have been part of a leaflet drop by Port Lympne and Howletts animal parks. Port Lympne features a Dinosaur Forest where visitors can explore three acres of natural woodland and discover amazing facts and information about the prehistoric world.

This specimen was ‘captured’ on camera by resident Hazel Cox.

Find out more about the Dinosaur Forest here

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  1. If visitors to Broadstairs walk along to Stone Bay,they will see Ammonite remains in the rock face. Also as people walk on the beach there, they may find more fossils amongst the rocks and stones, as my daughter has done in the past.

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