Ramsgate man jailed for eight years over alleyway stabbing attack

Keiran Tutt was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court to eight years

A man has been jailed for eight years after a “disturbingly” violent stabbing attack on his brother in a Ramsgate alleyway.

Keiran Tutt, 22, of Park Road, Ramsgate appeared before Canterbury Crown Court on Friday, (July 26) where he admitted a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The court heard how shortly before midnight on Sunday, December 16, 2018, Tutt walked to an alleyway near his home with his brother. They had an argument and Tutt stabbed his victim multiple times in the face and body.

The man was rushed to hospital and received treatment for the injuries which police say could have proved fatal.

Tutt was found by officers a short while later and arrested.

He was given an extended sentence of 8-years due to the risk he poses to the public.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Neil Moore said: “The level of violence shown by Tutt in this incident is disturbing and this is reflected in the sentence imposed by the court. The injuries his inflicted on his victim were severe and it is fortunate that they were not fatal.

“We take knife crime seriously, it ruins lives and can devastate communities. We want people to feel safe and will not hesitate in taking action against those who carry and use weapons.”

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  1. A dispicable crime to do to you’re brotherit is almost impossible to believe someone could stab their brother multiple times what would they do to a stranger. The detective says the level of violence is disturbing and the sentence reflects this I beg to differ if he stayed in prison for 8 years then yes would be about right but remission and good behaviour he is out inside 4 years. A knife crime that violent deserves a better sentence.

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