Dispersal order put in place for Broadstairs town

Image Kent Police

A dispersal order is in place in Broadstairs today (Wednesday, July 31) until 7am tomorrow. It came into effect at 3pm.

The measure means Kent Police officers have extra powers under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to tackle those carrying out nuisance behaviour and order them to leave the area. If they return to the area within a specified time, they can be arrested.

It follows disruption at a fireworks event on Viking Bay on July 17. Organisers of that event cancelled the fireworks on July 24 but they are back on tonight, with increased security, for the Broadstairs Water Gala.

Police have also pledged increased resources for the future with a PCSO patrol at hot spots and Thanet Community Policing Team attending the area as much as possible in order to increase presence.

Margate Task Force is also expected to hold a Neighbourhood Engagement Day in the town where a one day of partnership action will focus on collectively tackling the issues.


  1. Perhaps the parents of these out of control thugs (sorry children) should spend some family time with their kids rather than making them everyone else’s problem and allowing them out at all hours. The parents of these thugs also need to stop condoning their underage drinking and illegal cannabis use.

    People need to responsibility for their own kids rather than blaming everyone else for their bad parenting .

  2. Disperal orders where in another part of Kent back in 2005 they did not work. TDC have no clue how to handle their own standards of behaviour when the standards committee resigned a few years ago.

  3. A Dispersal Order provides the police with powers to dispense individuals in order to remove or reduce the likelihood of members of the public becoming “harassed, alarmed or distressed” or “the occurrence of crime or disorder” in a particular area.9 Mar 2018

  4. https://www.jrf.org.uk/sites/default/files/jrf/migrated/files/2133-dispersal-orders.pdf

    96 page report
    saying the police do not listen or treat them in the right way
    Some 61% of pupils surveyed in one area and 43% in the other said that the dispersal
    orders were unfairly targeted at young people. Two fifths of young people in both areas
    thought that the dispersal order had increased conflict between young and old people.
    make of it as you wish

    they do not work

    • Hmmm . . . so if telling naughty boys and girls not to be naughty does not work – what is your solution ?

  5. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear !

    Ms Hooper – once again you are taking the side of the young people who caused all the problems in Broadstairs and blaming either the police and/or the council.

    Let us get the sequence of events correct : The young people were running riot, causing problems and frightening adults and those with families BEFORE the police arrived on the scene. There was no dispersal order in place and those who refused to comply with police instructions were arrested.

    As a result of the appalling behaviour of said young people a fortnight ago, a dispersal order has NOW been put in place to assist the police to deal with any young person who attends the firework display with a view to causing problems – in order that the vast majority of other people, young and old, can enjoy the fireworks without fear.

    However, I hope that you will be in attendance at Broadstairs this evening in order that you can be handing out buckets full of respect to any young people in order that they are not naughty again.

    Good luck.

  6. Here’s an idea, just arrest them! A dispersal order is no deterrent or threat to these yobs.

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