Facebook has been filming a new advert in Broadstairs

Filming in Broadstairs Photo Dean Spinks

Filming at Viking Bay in Broadstairs yesterday (July 10) was for a facebook advert.

A crew and several swimming outfit clad actors were on the sands during the afternoon to shoot scenes for the ad.

The filming is the latest in a growing line of films, adverts, music videos and fashion shoots choing the isle as the ideal location.

More than 70 productions chose the isle as a location, shooting for a total of 111 days, in the last financial year.

The filming boom is aided by Thanet council’s dedicated film officer, who works closely with the Kent Film Office (KCC) to liaise with production companies.

Photo Dean Spinks

Based on the size of the crews and the length of time they stayed in the area it is estimated that the benefit to the local economy is in excess of £304,000, just for 2018-19.

Productions on the isle are wide-ranging and include photoshoots for magazines, music videos for a whole range of musicians, television dramas, comedy programmes, short films and feature films.

Photo Dean Spinks

These have included films Lady in the Van with Dame Maggie Smith and King of Thieves with Sir Michael Caine as well as TV series Eastenders, Top Boy and The Tunnel.

In the last couple of years music videos have included Emile Sande at Botany Bay, Shawn Mendes at Palm Bay, and Rick Astley at Westbrook Bay.

It has not yet been revealed when the facebook advert will go live.


  1. Welcome news that our Isle is in the ‘limelight’ and together with the wonderful news about Manston Airport, we can really ‘reach for the stars’!

  2. The only wonderful news about Manston Airport would be the news that the DCO had not been granted to RSP.

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