Island Girl yacht leaves Ramsgate beach after two days on sands – and has to be rescued by RNLI crew

RNLI rescue Island Girl Photo Mark Stanford

Ramsgate lifeboat has been launched to rescue a yacht that had previously spent two days ‘sitting’ on Ramsgate’s main beach.

The Island Girl was left on the beach on Thursday (July 4). It relaunched but has now had to be rescued after suffering engine failure just off Ramsgate beach.

Photo Mark Stanford

The inshore lifeboat volunteer crew have towed the yacht, which had one person onboard, into Ramsgate Harbour.


  1. I am a supporter of the RNLI, and donate by annual subscription and raffle tickets.
    I have to say that I’m a bit fed up with incompetent boating people using the RNLI as a free breakdown service.
    If the skipper of the “Island Girl” was not in mortal peril, then he should have arranged and paid for a tow.

  2. Don’t offend agree with you Tony, but it must grind a bit on the Life Boat crew, what ever happened to Salvage rights.

  3. It looks like there was plently of wind for a sailing boat so why did the skipper not sail to his destination or a safe place. Else he could have anchored until the wind increased.

  4. You’re not allowed to sail into the harbour: it’s too dangerous. If your engine is bust then row, quant or scull.
    Or pay for a tow.

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