Council carries out repairs and cleaning at ‘forgotten’ Broadstairs play park

Council staff carrying out repairs and cleaning at the Wimpey estate play area

Thanet council workmen are on site at a Broadstairs play park cleaning up and making repairs following an article in The Isle of Thanet News yesterday (July 4).

Mum-of-four Lindsey Gartland had called for action to be taken at the Vincent Close play area, on the Wimpey estate, due to damaged and rotten equipment, broken glass, drug paraphernalia, sexually explicit graffiti and a lack of fencing to prevent dogs running into the playing area.

Cummins worker Lindsey said the area had become a ‘forgotten’ playground and needed to be made safe so youngsters could use the site.

Lindsey and her children

Lindsey, 41, set up a dedicated facebook page, Wimpey Estate Playground Regeneration, to try and bring families together and discuss what action to take.

A petition calling for refurbishment has also been launched and can be found here.

She said the damaged slide could result in injury to a child, adding: ““It’s tucked away a bit so I think the council has forgotten about it. All the other play areas, such as  King George, Birchington, Ellington and Minster have had a spruce up and have fencing. Minster also has adult exercise equipment that would be really good.

“We just want somewhere safe for our children to play. It is a beautiful sun trap and perfect to have something lovely.”

In response Thanet council has workmen on site today clearing the graffiti and making repairs, including welding the slide.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “”Following reports of graffiti, damage to play equipment and broken glass at the Vincent Close play area, officers from our Open Spaces and Street Cleansing teams attended the site.

“The area has been cleared of debris and repairs to play equipment and rubber matting have taken place.  We have also removed the graffiti from the walls and equipment. This kind of mindless vandalism is so disappointing. We urge residents to be vigilant and to report incidents to police as soon as possible.”

Lindsey said: “I would like to thank the council for acknowledging our requests. I have been contacted by Cllr Stuart Piper to meet up on July 7. There could be some plans for the site so I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.”


  1. I walk in this park every day, my children call it the secret park as its always so empty, me and my children have used it for years we love it, it does seem to get forgotten about, it needs updating and kept clean hope the council does it well it’s a lovely place.

  2. Trust the council to have to wait for complaints before doing anything ! Another penny pinching scheme no doubt

  3. Shame council wait till the residents complain to the Isle of Thanet News before doing something play areas need checking on more frequent basis as injuries to young children in these areas are frequent but through faulty slides etc is avoidable no one hurt this time. Good news all around then.

  4. The joke is they cut hedgerows down during the bird nesting season citing ‘health and & safety’ but fail to maintain a childrens’play area involving ‘play’ equipment. TDC are a JOKE!

  5. Everyone is slating the council, but it’s also a shame that people vandalise it and leave their rubbish there. Yes the council could cut the grass more often, and if people didn’t vandalise area’s and drop litter everywhere then there would be more money to spend on general up keep and improvements.

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