Bid to drain Ramsgate boating pool for music festival withdrawn

The last time the pool was drained was in April Photo Mark Stanford

A bid to drain Ramsgate’s boating pool in Royal Esplanade for a music concert has been withdrawn.

Broadstairs Sea Lounge owner Danny Potts was requesting a premises licence which would have included live music and recorded music from midday until 10:00pm to run in parallel with his existing licence at the Westcliff venue.

The application was for one music concert event per year with the first event on September 14-15 and subsequent years, on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the August Bank Holiday.

The application included a request for the pool to be drained with suitable arrangements made to accommodate up to  3000 people.

However, following objections and a letter from the council saying it would not allow the pool to be drained for the event the application was been withdrawn.