Bid to drain Ramsgate boating pool for music festival withdrawn

The last time the pool was drained was in April Photo Mark Stanford

A bid to drain Ramsgate’s boating pool in Royal Esplanade for a music concert has been withdrawn.

Broadstairs Sea Lounge owner Danny Potts was requesting a premises licence which would have included live music and recorded music from midday until 10:00pm to run in parallel with his existing licence at the Westcliff venue.

The application was for one music concert event per year with the first event on September 14-15 and subsequent years, on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the August Bank Holiday.

The application included a request for the pool to be drained with suitable arrangements made to accommodate up to  3000 people.

However, following objections and a letter from the council saying it would not allow the pool to be drained for the event the application was been withdrawn.


  1. Ten years ago I looked into a twelve hour house party there, but not draining the pool. The council wouldn’t have it.
    What I don’t understand about this application is on what terms do the council reject draining the pool? There is no ecological or wildlife issue, and it would make a great dance floor.
    There must be some deeper issue to make sure this place is not allowed to flourish or be used for its original purpose

  2. Of course had the pool been on a local council estate then that would have been fine but as there are some posh houses over looking the pool then that will never do. I guess you already knew that Danny.

  3. Nothing to do with the posh houses over the road. The council said there was stipulation in the lease that does not allow live music events or draining the pool.

  4. What a stupid idea in the first place. By a stupid council. I just been on short break to bognor regis. Its nice over,nothing like this sad area.

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