Ramsgate RNLI crew called to woman stuck in mud at the harbour

A muddy job Photo Ramsgate RNLI

Ramsgate lifeboat crew was called in to help yesterday (June 15) after a woman became stuck in mud at the harbour.

The crew was called at 6pm and launched to assist the woman.

A spokesperson said: “The tide had just gone out and the mud was very soft. The more the woman struggled to get out the deeper she sank. In the end the decision was taken to page the crew of the volunteer inshore lifeboat to help her, which they safely managed to do.

Photo Ramsgate RNLI

“It was rather a muddy job. Luckily this time everyone, although in desperate need of a shower, were safe and sound, however it shows how easy it is for a situation to become life threatening. If the tide had been coming in then it would have been a much more worrying situation.”


  1. The mud bank there needs removing before more incidents like this during the summer season. this is situated by the main beach and is dangerous obviously. TDC is liable to make it safe!

      • Do you have any idea how filthy the water is is the harbour? I hope you rewarded the RNLI volunteers with the contents of your wallet/purse!

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