Chips n Chaps Fathers’ Day celebration at Chilton primary

Tucking in at Chilton

Chips n Chaps was the recipe for special Father’s Day lunch at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate, on Friday (June 14).

To celebrate the annual event, children invited their dads into school to share lunch with them.

The catering team served up a tasty nutritious menu that included fish, fish fingers, Jamaican vegetable patties, peas, beans and salad, plus cakes and refreshments.

It is the first time Chilton has included Father’s Day in its round of special invitation ‘come dine with me’ themed lunches that run throughout the year – mums and grandparents have already enjoyed their own tasty treats this year.

Chloe Ballantine, head of the kitchen team, said: “The dads were very keen on the idea of coming in for lunch and we served an extra 170 meals in a number of sittings. They were complimentary about the meals and enjoyed the occasion.”

Head of School Kate Law added: “We love to invite our parents and families in to school. We have a very strong community focus at Chilton and it was lovely to see dads enjoying a special treat with the boys and girls, and chatting to other fathers as well.

“Grandfathers and uncles were also invited to share in our Father’s Day celebrations as well to add to the family feel of the occasion..

“Big thanks go to our kitchen team who coped brilliantly with the extra demands on preparation, cooking, serving and clearing away.”