Police called after teens spotted on roof of Ramsgate restaurant

Police were called

Kent Police were called on Saturday (June 8) after two boys were spotted clambering on to the roof of a Ramsgate seafront restaurant.

The boys were spotted acting suspiciously on the roof buildings including the Alexandra restaurant at 7.32am.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 7.32am to a report of two people seen on a roof in Harbour Parade, Ramsgate.

“Officers attended and located two boys aged 13 and 14. The boys were dealt with via a community resolution and taken back to their guardian who were also made aware of the incident and the action taken.”


  1. They have been watching too many youtube videos on this kind of behaviour under the guise of roof climbing. It is not helped when these stupid and dangerous antics are not discouraged online.

  2. People claim the internet is the route cause of all unsociable behaviour, but its not. It hasn’t helped, but its not the sole reason. Its discipline, respect, morals, and thats from both parties – the kids / young adults, the parents / gaurdians, the Police / authorities.

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