Police close off road in Ramsgate

Cordoned off Photo Mark Stanford

Harbour Street in Ramsgate is cordoned off by police this morning (May 12).

It is understood there was an altercation, businesses along the road say someone was stabbed but this is yet to be confirmed, in the early hours of this morning.

Forensic officers are at the scene.

Witnesses say a fight broke out at around 3.30am. It is understood an injured man has been taken to King’s College Hospital in London.

There is currently no access to the street from the Harbour Bar down to Mr Simms sweet shop. Businesses who were planning to open this morning have been unable to do so.

UPDATE:  https://theisleofthanetnews.com/2019/05/12/man-taken-to-london-hospital-in-serious-condition-following-harbour-street-stabbing/


  1. When will the authorities crack down on the Royal and the goose? This stuff happens all the time now.

  2. This is one reason why I moved out of Thanet last summer. Full of scum that is going to ruin the area. Round them up and throw the key away…..

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