Photos and video: Locomotives travel through Minster

Stanier Black 5 Photo Jamie Horton

The Northern Belle passed through Minster yesterday (May 11) hauled by steam locomotive Stanier Black 5 number 44781.

The route was run in association with the Heart of Kent Hospice.

The Canterbury and White Cliffs Statesman tour from Shrewsbury to Canterbury West also ran through Minster, hauled by a heritage Class 47 diesel locomotive with an additional class 47 diesel locomotive on the rear.

The locomotives were caught on camera by John Horton, Jamie Horton and Wayne Hill.

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  1. The Stanier black 5 was produced as a general purpose locomotive for the London Midland and Scottish railway (LMS), under the leadership of Sir William Stanier as CME. Stanier had previously worked for the Great Western, where a similar class of locomotives had been built, the Hall class.On the LMS the differences included (for the technically minded), outside walschaerts valve gear (on most but not all of the class) and high degree super-heat.They were and are, a classic steam locomotive design.
    The class 47 diesel electric locomotives could be said to be the later equivalent, post steam.

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