Photos: Bumble bee pug scoops top prize at Thanet Pugathon

CHAMPS: Top prizes for best dressed pug Photo Frank Leppard

Pugs ‘disguised’ as bumble bees, Scooby Doo vans and fairies invaded King George VI Park in Ramsgate today (May 12) for the fifth annual Pugathon.

Organised by Cliftonville animal lover Lucy Cook, the event included stalls, food, including veggie and vegan options, raffle, games and, of course, pugs in fancy dress.

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The pug fun also raised funds for Guardian Angel Dog Rescue.

Dylan, owned by Maxine Morgan from Ramsgate, scooped top prize for his buzzing bumble bee outfit. Second and third spots went to Olive and Bertie.

Photos Frank Leppard


  1. How disgusting. These poor flat faced dogs have difficulty breathing and the folds of flesh on their faces cause discomfort and irritation. They should all be neutered so the breed will die out. How stupid and greedy are breeders. Then add insult to injury and dress them up in ridiculous costumes that will cause them to overheat and be uncomfortable. Grow up !

    • Gosh, you’ve had a day off from trolling Facebook,your name is well known and now generalising the breed with your ill knowledge. As with any breedyou can get health problems,my pug is 5.5years old and never suffered health issues to date.she runs with whippets on the beach, she isn’t overweight .. has never had a fold issue..
      so sad you didn’t pop down to familiarise yourself with the breed rather than here say.. feel free to come to a meetup to put aside your poor knowledge.

  2. How pathetic that someone who obviously knows nothing about the breed can write such a biased against pugs comment. Can I suggest you attend a pug meet. (There’s one on the 19th in Dumpton) You will be able to meet many pugs and their owners, who I am sure will enjoy educating you and answer your comment about killing off the breed personally. But I wager you won’t bother as your probably a nasty lonely sad twisted individual that just hates everything and everybody. Hope to see you Sunday.

  3. @Su Greenwood – how dare you say that the breed should die out .. you certainly are NOT an animal lover to say such a thing. There are many many pugs not suffering with any kinds of problems & those that do sadly suffer are being helped. We had a good day out & everyone there were responsible pug lovers & care deeply about their pets. Please join us on 19th May for MuffinPug bandana walk & we can discuss your comments & you can meet lots more healthy loved dogs. I personally would love to meet you & chat about your ‘concerns’. Hopefully the event will be repeated next year & funds can be raised to help animals in need.

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