Ramsgate RNLI assist mussel boat with engine failure

Assistance was needed Photo Ramsgate RNLI

A busy week for Ramsgate RNLI was topped this morning (May 11) when the all weather lifeboat Esme Anderson was requested to assist a fishing boat with engine trouble.

Since last Saturday Ramsgate has launched 4 times, to tow a yacht into the harbour which had engine trouble and to two separate cases of people cut off by the tide around Stone Bay.

However this was the first time that the all weather boat has been called out.

The shout from HM Coastguard came through about 7.30am to assist a 19 metre long mussel boat which had suffered engine failure whilst on passage from Great Yarmouth to Cornwall. The boat was about 15 miles out when the volunteer crew reached it and they successfully passed a rope and towed it back into Dover Harbour. The lifeboat then returned to Ramsgate.

Report Karen Cox