Broadstairs woman charged with receiving £45k donations for alleged ‘fake’ cancer battle

Image Kent Police

A Thanet woman has been charged with fraudulently accepting £45,350 in donations for an illness she claimed she was suffering with but it is alleged she did not have.

Nicole Elkabbas, 40, of Edge End Road, Broadstairs, is charged with six counts of fraud following an investigation by detectives from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate.

She is alleged to have falsely claimed to have required treatment for cancer in order to receive donations from members of the public, between February and August 2018.

Nicole Elkabbas was charged on Friday 5 April and will appear before Margate magistrates on Thursday 2 May.


  1. I hope she never needs help herself because many people will be reluctant to help after this outrageous behaviour

    • I struggled through this insidious disease, never got help from benefits and certainly didn’t ask for hand outs from decent well meaning people. The actions of this woman are despicable.

  2. Nicole elkabbas is a liar a fraud and a dodgy women
    She used the good peoples money to take seven star holidays lol

  3. Having had to watch my wife battle through this disease this kind of behaviour just to get money sickens me

  4. There was a woman in Margate that rides about on a scooter puffing away on a ciggie with nothing wrong with her, just lazy. She has used the Thanet Churches Open Christmas many times and used the dying from Cancer line to get sympathy, whip-rounds and extra handouts, wherever she can fake it. She is nothing but a con woman and her partner is fine with it. Sadly, these people have no morals at all.

    • Is that the couple on the mobility scooters? They whiz around near Morrisons, Thanet Road, Addington Road etc expecting people to get out of their way.

  5. Horrified !!!!!! Karma will catch up with this woman so no need to wish ill upon her and harden your hearts to others who may ask for help. She’ll reap her reward for being a lying callous bitch one day.

  6. The sad thing in all of this is she won’t be made to pay the money back and she will get no more than community service if that .there was a case last year of a women doing the same thing to the tune of 250.000 she got 12 months suspended

  7. I really can’t believe this.
    I remember her telling us all she had cancer.
    I have a really good radar….I never liked her.

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