Margate arcade revamp introduces Life’s a Beach ice cream and doughnuts bar

Life's a Beach ice creams

The Royal arcade on Margate seafront has had a revamp with the introduction of a ice cream and doughnut bar.

The newly rebranded Life’s a Beach opened in time for the Easter school holidays and is offering 32 flavours of scoop ice cream plus another seven Mr Whippy flavours from a machine that is one of just two currently owned in the UK.

The overhaul was the idea of bosses James Godden, 40, and wife Adrienn, 37, who also own the Flamingo arcade and the indoor Lost Island adventure golf course below.

James said: “It has had a facelift. We wanted o give the arcade a unique twist with something the others do not have.”

The ice cream, with everything from lemon and banana to bubblegum and rum and raisin, is the Italian Joe Delucci brand and doughnuts have ‘Krispy Kreme-style’ ingredients.

James confesses: “We tried lots of recipes but kept coming back to one. Even though it is more expensive the quality is much better.” And James should know, he, Adrienn and daughter Julia taste tested each recipe (along with copious amounts of ice cream!).

Life’s a Beach is now open, the rear of the building remains an arcade.

Find it at 25 Marine Terrace

Find Flamingo and Lost Island at 17 Marine Terrace or on facebook here


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