Margate RNLI called to stranded fishing boat for second time in less than 12 hours

Rescued for a second time Photo Margate RNLI

HM Coastguard Margate and the RNLI Margate all weather and inshore lifeboats were tasked to a fishing boat for the second time in less than 12 hours last night (April 6).

The boat had been rescued at around 2pm when it suffered engine failure while travelling from Ramsgate to the Medway and was washed ashore close to Walpole Bay.

Due to the size of the vessel and possibly requiring assistance in refloating, Margate’s all-weather and inshore lifeboats were both launched to assist. Margate Coastguard Coast Rescue Team was also tasked to the scene.

Once the lifeboats arrived it was established that the casualty vessel was well aground on a falling tide. The occupants had made their way ashore and were checked out by the coastguard team who found them all to be safe and well.

The same evening the past owner of the vessel came down to remove it off of the beach on behalf of the new owner.

But UK Coastguard was concerned for the safety of the occupants and with uncertainty about the condition of the boat’s machinery, the RNLI was tasked once again to provide assistance if required. Margate Coastguard’s Coast Rescue Team volunteers were also alerted to provide support.

Soon after midnight both the all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched again and once on scene an RNLI crewman was put aboard the vessel, providing the sole occupant with a lifejacket.

At high tide the fishing vessel was pulled clear of the confines of the swimming pool by the inshore lifeboat and, escorted by the all-weather lifeboat, was towed to the safety of Margate harbour. After washing the lifeboats down and preparing them for further service the volunteer crew returned to their homes and families around 5am.

Ian Lowe, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate RNLI said: “Thanks to the volunteer crew of both lifeboats and shore crew who gave up a large chunk of their Saturday day and night the casualty vessel was assisted to safety while preserving a local historic attraction that is our tidal pool at Walpole Bay.”

Margate Coastguard had advised that due to the deteriorating weather conditions it would be better not to try and move the vessel on the next tide. The crew has also highlighted the need to wear life jackets.

With thanks to Jools Moore for the video


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