Council informed as Travellers’ group moves on to Dane Valley Green

Dane Valley Green (Library image)

Thanet council has been informed of a Travellers group moving on to Dane Valley Green once again.

The group, thought to have been among those moved on from the Chine at Ramsgate’s Westcliff and then the East Cliff yesterday (April 3) moved on to the site today.

Caravans were turned away from the council-owned car park at Dreamland this morning.

Work to clear the Dane Valley site after the last encampment was carried out last month,taking place not long after the authority had finished clearing up from a Summer encampment.

Dane Valley residents are currently petitioning to have a fence installed around the green. Last year residents living by Jackey Bakers fields in Ramsgate also raised a petition to ask for better preventative measures to avoid unauthorised sites on the space.

Thanet council responded with the £15,000 installation of a two metre high fence, bollards that restrict access for vehicles to the public right of way, new gates and CCTV.

Ward councillor Gary Hillman said: “Once again the residents of Dane Valley are subjected to further intrusion on public land and the instant crime wave that comes with it. It’s time for Tory central government to get its act together and change the law and give councils the tools to do their job.

“At the same time TDC need to act on Dane Valley councillors request for a enforced mound to be built now.”

Adequate land

The Friends, Families and Travellers charity say local authorities need to provide adequate land for travellers to stop as many families are forced to pull up in public spaces and on private land. This leaves many with interrupted access to basic water and sanitation, education and healthcare.

Thanet currently does not have an authorised site with the nearest being in Aylesham and Dover.
An FFT spokesman previously told The Isle of Thanet News that sites should be made available, saying: “We would recommend that the district council and local authority work with the Traveller community in the area to identify land that would be suitable for building new sites to accommodate these residents.”


    • Why are they driving around with no number plates on their vehicles like the one trying to get into Dreamland car park today? It’s about time the police and council enforced the laws being broken by these lawless people who make our towns dirty and get away with it. Send them to an area where they have the facilities. They are taking the mick.
      Someone tell us how much they are costing the local authority in court fees and clean-ups.

  1. Is it these jokers who have made our council tax increase Or is THANET So lawless that’s what attract these serial fly tippers because the courts, council or police are impotent to do anything about it. The police courts and council are being negligent in public office by allowing these cowboys to rob the taxpayers. Enough is enough. There is a large traveller site being built on the Goodwin sands send them there.

  2. I agree with some of the comments above, why does it seem travellers are above the law. The Road traffic act applies to them as well, stop them, check them and seize their vehicles.
    Personally I’m against a traveller site, all I have ever seen of travellers is abuse of the law, disregard to the area, increased violence and crime.
    They have no regards to any rules or respect for the community.

  3. that’s a laugh isn’t it. access to sanitation!. they leave places like s..t h….s. perhaps they ought to think why people don’t want them parking on a green near them

  4. There Is a way the public could help put a stop to this they come here because the people of Thanet are so stupid they let them do work for them and then dump their rubbish wherever they want to so stop paying them stop giving jobs and hopefully they will disappear. It may be down to the council to get rid of them you can help do something no employment for them.

    • Antony I agree with you if there wasn’t such richpickings around here they would move on. So for all the people who don’t want them here there must be a high amount if thanet and local people who do….

  5. Believe me I’m a thanet resident the scumbags do it all over take over commercial land illegally and dump waste I’ve just had to get a quotes to clean up after simlar scum in the smoke and the bill will be 200k yet they broke in committed environmental crimes by tipping waste and asbestos and uck bows what else but it’s the king council tax payer n tax payers that foot the bill and they make thousands out of it. I sent pictures of it in progress face pics vehicle pics to the council involved and crime stoppers and nothing was done and too top the mustard when the court order is in place the police can’t attend before it runs out would you Adam and Eve it,TFL cameras all over the place and they go round with obscured number plates or none at all and don’t get fined I get stuck in a yellow box because of poxy bus for 10 seconds and get fined -and too top it off people are now running round stabbing people for so called f**king points for getting people in various places I give up it takes the fucking brexit and that’s farcical

    • A Wood
      I know someone who to had number plates , photos of their faces , was told where they would be etc etc but our big brave police said not enough evidence, so getting pictures and videos of them riding your b8kes, quads etc isn’t enough evidence!!
      Like you say if you are a honest hard working person who does something wrong the big brave police are all over us , should the police ever stop me I will just tell the I am a traveller so leave me alone.

    • The reason you were penalized for being in a yellow box had nothing to do with the “poxy” bus, which had no control over what you decided to do whilst driving. The rules about yellow boxes are quite clear, and eminently sensible: if the exit is not clear (e.g., because there’s a “poxy” bus in the way, then don’t drive into the box.
      BTW your potty-mouthed diatribe does nothing to further your argument.

  6. These people are the cancer in our society. Why should we pay for these deviants who break the law, intimidate vulnerable people,dump their dead animals, deficate where they want to and guess, what, dont pay taxes.I bet the NHS doesn’t turn them away when they need medical treatment.

  7. Tony for your reference I was half way across the box having a clear road ahead when the bus pulled out, and further more my potty-mouth diatribe does nothing to further my argument as I’m not arguing with anyone ( just stating the facts and yes very frustrated) And actually what did you contribute “Nothing”

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