Thanet district election: Margate/Cliftonville candidates

Election time

Cliftonville east

Lesley Game Conservative

Living in Cliftonville with my daughter and grandchildren, we are part of the local community, using the local shops and facilities.   Since my election in 2015, I have worked hard for the residents of Cliftonville and having subsequently been elected as your County representative, I have had the added advantage of being able to combine resources to benefit the area.

I have helped with bus links, planning, housing, waste collections and much more.  There will soon be a zebra crossing this end of Northdown Road.

If re-elected, my aim will be to ensure Cliftonville East is a safe and happy place to live.

Jane Hetherington Labour

I  wish  to  stand  for  the Labour  Party in  Thanet because  I  am  passionately interested in this  district  and  its  potential  and  future. I  want  to  be  able to work  for  the   area promoting  investment  and  activities that  will  make  this  a  better  area  to  live  in  for all our  residents. I  moved  to  Thanet  19  years  ago in  order  to work  locally  and  have  since managed  services  in  the  NHS  and  third  sector.  I  am  therefore aware  of  many  of  the  difficulties in  relation  to  employment, health, education and  the  social  divides that  result  in  this  area continuing  to  remain the  most  impoverished  in  Kent.  I  have  been  a  life  long  Labour  supporter  but  only  became  a  member  when  I  realised  how  divisive  the  UKIP  issue  was in  Thanet. Locally  I  am  active in  a  range  of  community  based  programmes   and  am  the  Thanet  Governor  for  the Kent  Community  NHS  Trust.

Reg McLaughlin Labour

Kanndiss Riley Women’s Equality Party

Kandiss Riley, 24, will be standing for the Women’s Equality party. The businesswoman is passionate about education, health and anti-violence against women.

She said: “I want to show that there is nothing to fear by standing for a smaller party and show what it is like to be supported by a party that is smaller. I want to encourage and support more women to speak up about their experiences and share their knowledge from life, career or family so that the Women’s Equality Party can be effective in its policies and commitments to the public.

“ I want to be a candidate for the Women’s Equality Party because I believe they want to bring about Equality – I want to be there with them when we achieve it.

“I want to represent the disenfranchised by monetary position, race, religion or more.”

Matthew Shoul Labour

Horace Shrubb Conservative

I have lived in Thanet for 44 years and I had a fantastic education at Dame Janet Infants and Juniors, then at Conyngham School Ramsgate. I have been involved in Radio for over 30 years I am currently a volunteer at 107.8 Academy FM where I am known as Horace. I live in Kingsgate and can often be seen in Palm Bay and Cliftonville.

I also work with local charities, helping them with fundraising events including quiz nights and dinner evenings. I hold regular meeting for charities, community groups and non-profit making organisations.  I give advice and help them raise awareness and funds for their own causes. I have been helping various causes for over 35 years, raising over £180,000.  I also work at the Britannia Pub in Margate.

Cedric Towning Conservative

I have lived in Cliftonville with my wife Avril for the past 16 years. A qualified chef, I work in a hotel in Kingsgate as Kitchen Manager / Head Chef.

I work with Thanet College to assist young student chefs by offering them work experience and training for their future.

I previously worked with profoundly disabled young people and later was Catering Manager for Margate and Ashford Pilgrims Hospices, working with patients and their families. I helped develop a community service assisting patients and families preparing food at home.

I regularly meet local people who express their concerns about deteriorating local services. These concerns I share.  I am strongly committed to improving local services and employment opportunities for all.  I am particularly concerned about protecting our environment and the impact of litter.

Cliftonville West

Steve Campbell Thanet Independents

As a teacher for over 24 years and nearly half that time dealing with students who had special educational needs, I understand some of the issues facing an important element of our community.
The latter part of my working life (nearly 20 years) I was as an independent financial advisor and mortgage broker, frequently dealing with many local residents and business people. Thus, while phasing into retirement I have been able and glad to assist local businesses with tax advice, business rate appeals and new business venture guidance. Similarly I have supported individuals with state benefit advice and guidance, tax advice and personal loan advice.
When elected, I will continue with this support. My job as a Councillor will be to LISTEN to YOU and to try

Peter Cook Thanet Independents

I moved to Cliftonville West in 2013 after 40 years in customer service retail management. I worked for major international companies such as Debenhams, B&Q, Myers Emporium, Radio Shack and Carphone Warehouse at a senior management level.
For eight years I was a Borough Councillor for Elmbridge and a former school governor and chairman for Bedelsford Special Needs School in Kingston upon Thames
I stood as an Independent in 2015 for Cliftonville West and since then with other Independents I have tirelessly
worked to remove the stain of national politics and corruption from Thanet District Council.
I helped and was instrumental in saving the Quarter Deck Youth Club from being sold off by Kent County Council, pushed for and still supporting action to refurbish the Lido and many other historic tourist attractions such as the Margate Caves.
I actively show support for local businesses whilst continuously pressing publicly to fight fly tipping, for better
street cleaning, fighting the closure of public services, improvement of public CCTV and actively speak out
against anti social behaviour and slum landlords. When elected, I will continue this work, listening and acting on the concerns of the residents of our home that I live in – Cliftonville West. YOU speak, WE Listen, WE ACT

Alan Currie Labour

I have lived in Cliftonville with my family for 25 years and have been pro active on local issues for the past 12 years.

I am a committee member of the resident group ABC (A Better Cliftonville) and also sit on a monthly waste management group where we meet Thanet Council officers to demand a better service for Cliftonville residents who are being asked to pay ever higher rates of Council tax.

I will always campaign hard to retain our public services such as our stroke unit at QEQM and I will do the same if our A&E dept, is threatened.

If selected as a councillor I will work as hard as possible to fully represent all Cliftonville West constituents at Thanet District Council.

Darryn De La Soul Lib Dem

Darryn de la Soul moved to Thanet in 2013 and has since become deeply involved in many of the wonderful local creative endeavours that happen on the Isle, in the role of Production Manger on numerous events and festivals.

She is also an independent business woman who runs a small company that supports sound engineers around the country in developing their careers, is a frequent guest lecturer in colleges, universities and trade shows; and author of an eBook “Getting A Foot In The Door” aimed at helping youngsters entering the creative professions.

“I feel that our council does not do enough to support the creative activities in our towns that draw people (and revenue) from far afield and create self-employment opportunities. The dearth of well-paying jobs in the area means self-employment is the only way forward for many people, and the council should acknowledge and support the courage this takes.”

Heather Keen Labour

I moved to Margate 28 years ago and currently live in Westgate. I worked in the NHS for almost 40 years, as a Nurse and a Health Visitor and I am a passionate supporter of NHS campaigns  locally and nationally. I have now changed direction and work at the Post Office in Cliftonville, so I get to meet many local residents and hear about local issues. I have always been a union member and also been a Union representative. I am a member of Unite and a member of North Thanet Labour Party , where I hold the role of Membership Secretary.
I love Margate and want to see it regenerate and become the thriving community it could be. I volunteer at the Thanet Winter Shelter and at Cliftonville Children’s Centre and would like to work towards a solution to our local housing issues and better services for our families and young people

Mark Mulvihill Conservative

Jeremy Scarlett Conservative

Harry Scobie Labour

I am a retired teacher, father of three and grandfather to three. I have been married for over thirty years and now have time in my life to help make Cliftonville West a better place to live.

I have been a governor at Cliftonville Primary School for nearly thirty years, an active member of the Labour Party for 20 plus years, Vice chair of Margate Civic Society for about 15 years, volunteer at Margate Museum for 10 plus years, active member of ABC (A Better Cliftonville) and current chair of the Waste Management forum, a keen supporter of MOS (Margate Operatic Society) and a regular member of Thanet Festival Choir for the past five years.

Along with Heather Keen and Alan Currie I intend to be a strong voice for Cliftonville West if elected we will hold regular surgeries and communicate with residents.

Ed Targett Green Party

Ed Targett has lived in Thanet for 10 years. A dad-of-three, he previously stood as the first Green Party parliamentary candidate in 20-plus years to stand in the Thanet North constituency. He believes Thanet District Council needs fresh voices and councillors who will support environmental and urban greening initiatives, take a tough stance on rogue landlords and improve facilities for young families in the area. He would use his time on the council to push for better playgrounds (including TDC leading on external funding campaigns to support this), a radical campaign of urban tree planting and a vastly improved approach to waste management. This would include more strategically located large bins, bulk waste collection and targeted tackling of litter problem hot-spots for starters. With TDC spending ever-escalating sums on B&B accommodation for those forced out of their homes by escalating house prices, he also believes bringing derelict properties and brownfield sites back into as social housing would be both financially prudent and the right thing to do for those stuck in cramped emergency accommodation

Avril Towning Conservative

Dane Valley

Martin Boyd Labour

Martin Boyd has lived in Thanet for over five years. Over that time he has worked on several Labour election campaigns and now is standing as a candidate for the ward of Millmead and Dane Valley.
He lives with his partner of 28 years with two rescue cats and one more that just turned up on their doorstep.
In a long working life Martin has worked since he was 14 years old in a variety of service industries including retail, hairdressing, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cabaret. Currently he is an assistant in a department store.

Over the last 2 years Martin has worked alongside Kent County Councillor Barry Lewis and knows the Millmead and Dane Valley ward very well.

Leo Britcher Labour

I have lived in seaside towns for most of my life, with the last four years in Thanet, giving me real experience of both the difficulties and opportunities we have in our coastal communities.

I currently work in the secondary school in Whitstable as both a science technician and cover teacher.

Over the last two years I have been campaigning alongside Margate’s county councillor in Dane Valley and the Millmead, and speaking to residents has taught me a lot about the area I hope to represent.

Alongside my fellow Labour candidates for Dane Valley ward, I hope to make a real difference to local people and be a strong voice for the interests of Dane Valley and the Millmead at TDC

Matthew Brown Lib Dem

Matthew Brown is chair of a charity, Thanet Creative, which runs events to encourage creativity especially in the field of writing. Matthew has campaigned to address several issues in and around the Dane Valley area such – as getting potholes filled, roads resurfaced, and raising awareness of the dangerous junction at the intersection of Tenterden Way and Millmead Road. He is deeply concerned that Dane Valley seems to be a low priority at both district and county levels. If elected, Matthew will aim to secure the attention and funding the area needs.

Ruth Duckworth Labour

I have had a varied career as a musician. Locally, I have performed at Contrapop, Tom Thumb, Turner Contemporary plus Radio Margate.  I have been a job centre advisor, youth worker and had many other roles. I was union rep at Southbank Centre, covering Health and Safety plus representing box office staff. I currently work as an administrator at Canterbury Christ Church University. I became more involved in the Labour party when I moved to Thanet in 2011. Since moving here I have campaigned in all the local and national elections. I have also held positions on many local community groups; organising cleanup days, street parties and other community events

Ian Gregory Conservative

I have been fortunate to have previously been elected as a District Councillor in local wards including Dane Valley, Cliftonville and St Peter’s. I have served on almost every committee at TDC during that time and have amassed a great deal of experience which often enables me to quickly resolve resident’s issues. Having been the Estate Manager at QEQM Hospital for many years, I also have a good knowledge of planning laws and have used this experience on numerous occasions to help local residents with planning concerns.  I am currently the TDC Cabinet member for Finance and Estates and have been working to reduce the number of properties that TDC owns, in order to ensure that your council tax is spent wisely and not on the maintenance of buildings that the Council no longer needs. Where possible I believe that these assets should be transferred to Town or Parish Councils who are better able to manage them for the benefit of residents. I would like to see a Margate Town Council established, as at present Margate is unable to manage, at a local level, facilities such as toilets, parks,open spaces and public buildings that other Towns are able to do.

Linda Potts Thanet Independents

I have been an elected councillor for the past 4 years, and in that time have been chair of licensing and this last year have been proud to represent Margate as Deputy Mayor. I have been an active councillor holding monthly surgeries and have helped many people with problems including fly tipping, bin collections, housing problems including absent landlords and parking issues.

I also regularly attend the Neighbourhood Engagement Meetings, giving everyone local their chance to voice problems and their opinions to members of TDC, the Task Force and their local Councillor’s. Growing up I lived in Dane Valley for many years, and when Married my son was born and raised there, so I have great knowledge of the area and many fond memories. Members of my family still live there.

Gary Taylor Thanet Independents

I am a postman of nearly 24 years,also serving 11 years for 5(v) Queens regiments an (5)Princess of Wales regiment..
Since 2015 when elected for TDC I have been very proactive in Dane Valley .
I have served four yea on the planning committee aswell as Joint Transportation Boardo f which two years I was appointed Chairman.
In 2018 I was proudly appointed as Vice Chair of TDC..
I will continue to work hard for the residents of Dane Valley on many challenging issues if elected

Margate Central

Robin Haddon Conservative

I am passionate about Margate and its future. As a new candidate with a vision, I would bring progressive and a constructive change to your representation at council level… together with my conservative colleagues we aim to bring a sharp focus to the district decisions that affect central Margate, ensuring they benefit us individually and collectively.

I was brought up by the sea in Cape Town, SA, and spent my early business years as a District Council Assistant Auditor before basing myself in London running a globally-located IT company. I discovered the Old Town of Margate in 2009 and believed in its potential and natural resources. I have lived in Margate Central ward for the past 10 years and run an IT business and own a commercial premise in our High Street. I do understand the area.

I am current Chair of the Margate Museums Trust, a member of the Margate Civic Society and a Founding Patron of the Turner Contemporary; I will use this background and my solid business experience as your local councillor, to make sure our heritage is respected, protected and thoughtfully developed, along with common sense planning and conservation policies.

I have a fresh vision to drive forward a cultural quarter through Government and Council-led funding opportunities in order to build upon our town’s regeneration and create more relevant, local and longer-term learning and job opportunities. To ensure our streets, beaches and parks are clean and safe with proper amenities. We need to work with Landlords to implement positive solutions to the state of empty and boarded up buildings and reduce the level and range of anti-social behaviour in our Ward that is a blight for everyone: residence, business owners as well as impacting on our visitors and tourists.

Tourism plays a major part in the local Margate economy and I’d like to see visitors stay longer and explore our streets to experience all the local businesses… to join the Town’s infrastructure by linking businesses, attractions and buildings though improved signage, transport and access as well as easy and accessible parking at affordable rates.

I aim to encourage community participation so that volunteering groups can play a more prominent role in our society through their educational projects and younger generation engagement. Community asset transfer being a pivotal consideration.

I will work hard to ensure your concerns are distinctly heard at district council level and to preserve our wonderful town and its community.

Barry Millen Conservative

Gary-Paul Derriman (PIeman) Independent

A vote for me is a vote for Margate, sorry but that is my priority people, businesses, toilets, street cleaning and tourism. Other councillors can look after their bit of Thanet. A vote for me is a vote for Margate.

Sue Rees Green Party

I grew up in the Medway towns and my parents moved to Westgate in the 1970s, so I have wonderful childhood memories of Margate in the 60’s and 70’s. Four years ago, I came back to Margate to retire. It’s a great town.

Now I’ve retired, I want to devote my time to something close to my heart – the future of this beautiful planet and its inhabitants, human and animal – which is why I joined the Green Party.

As a seaside resort in a fishing area, we should be especially concerned by the plastic and other waste going into our oceans.  This pollution has a direct impact on the life of this town, which depends very largely on tourism. We must act to clean up the sea and our local environment for the town to move forward and thrive.

One of my bugbears is blocks of flats like mine with no recycling facilities, alongside increasingly few public recycling skips in shared areas. We should be encouraging recycling, not putting obstacles in people’s way!

I believe if the Green Party becomes more involved in making and implementing local policy, we can make a difference and help Margate achieve its full potential.

David Wells Thanet Independents

Helen Whitehead Labour

I have been a resident of Thanet for thirty years, and a resident of Margate for

twelve. I trained as a secondary English teacher at CCCU, and my specialist area is additional needs in education, including autism, social, emotional and behavioural needs and attachment disorders. A councillors role is to serve their community; there is huge honour in that, and I am more than mindful of that responsibility.

My aims as a councillor will be to provide a voice for those who need it; acknowledge the huge difficulties we have both in housing provision and in support and provision for those with disabilities; represent residents on a local level; and continue to raise issues on a regional and national level for those issues that affect our local provision. To my mind the three things that everyone requires to live well are home, health and education; with those in place, people are free to thrive. I hope, as councillor, to be able to focus on helping individuals and empowering us to realise that we can create the changes we need to see within our own communities.

Rob Yates Labour

I want to represent you to ensure that TDC is operated in a professional, caring and competent manner.  I live in Arlington House and work as a Contracts Manager for an offshore wind farm in Ramsgate

From meeting many of you with Iris Johnston, I understand your frustrations. There is a lack of council accountability, local services and staff are being cut, bin services are haphazard, planning permissions get shoved through, all whilst the council loses millions at Ramsgate Port, increases council tax and allocates itself with £3m to refurbish or find a new office. Margate is an amazing town with great community organisations and it’s on the way up despite the council, not because of it. It’s time to say enough to the savage cuts and mismanagement at TDC. 2019 is the year the Turner Prize comes to Margate and it’s time to Clean Up Thanet

Garlinge ward

Kerry Boyd Conservative

John Dennis Thanet Independents


I have been a local resident for 33 years and it has been a real privilege to have served this ward since the last elections. We continue to fight to protect our old school hall. I regularly attend community meetings. Our local surgery also required a campaign to keep it open. Your councillors worked hard with TDC to have lockable gates at each end of the alley behind Crow Hill and Glebe valley. Residents have access keys and the reduction in anti-social behaviour and fly tipping has been a real blessing. I have helped many residents with Housing issues, missed bins and other local community matters and will, if you re-elect me, look forward to serving for the next term of office

Peter Evans Conservative

My Pledge to the Local Community


Working as a Front Line Clinical Manager in Radiology I intend to hold to account the Local C.C.G.’s and East Kent Hospitals Trust to account over their proposals to downgrade the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate.   It is essential that we keep services locally in Thanet as the aging population would find it logistically challenging having to go out of the area for treatments.

Manston Airport

Continue the fight to get Manston Airport  reopened with the prospect of greatly needed jobs for local residents.   This now has a good chance of coming to fruition and the voice of Local Councillors is essential to make this happen.

Police & Crime

Liaise with the local PCSO, Neighbourhood Watch the Local Residents Association and the Kent Police to resolve any local crime issues.

Local Issues

Be a strong voice for the local community and all constituents in all matters affecting the local area.   Liaise with Kent County Council Councillors over Kent Highways issues and Educational issues.

Make sure Thanet District Council is prudent with council tax payers money, and hold them to account on budgetary issues.

Waste Collection

Action any problems concerning litter, waste or street cleaning.   This includes the removal of rubbish anywhere in the area on public land.   Handle complaints and missed collections in line with council policy.

Parks & Recreational Facilities

Ensure that local parks and recreational facilities are maintained to the highest of standards, being safe to members of the public and litter free.

Housing and Planning

Voice concerns over high density planning applications in favour of more quality schemes that will add value to the area.   Consult with the Residents Association over issues concerning the area in relation to planning applications

Michal Kleszcz Labour

This is the first time I have stood for office as a Councillor and I am proud to do so representing the Labour Party. I am in my early sixties, and was born and bred in Dorset, although my wife is a Kentish girl from Broadstairs, and we moved back here around three years ago. I am a firm believer in social justice, the NHS, where I have been proud to serve, and financial jurisprudence. From within the Labour Party, I have consistently supported Jeremy Corbyn, and will continue to do so. If I am elected, I promise to represent those less able and in need of support and take the other Parties’ to task as necessary

Barry Lewis Labour

My name is Barry Lewis, you probably know me as a County Councillor. I have been actively promoting children’s health, road safety and trying to maintain our bus services. I stand for local election because I am frustrated with the lack of progress in looking after Margate. I will be a 24/7 councillor.

Roy Potts Thanet Independents

I am an ex-serviceman and family man who has lived in Thanet since getting married in 2004. My wife, Linda and I have spent many years in the licensed trade. I now work for a local wildlife conservation charity. I have been an active councillor since 2016 and have served on the licensing and the planning committees. I am a firm believer, as are all The Thanet Independents that the housing numbers need to be robustly challenged and new homes built in the district should be primarily for local people. During the last three years I have helped local residents with numerous issues ranging from housing needs to missed bin collections. Our local council has for far too long, been influenced by national party politics, now is the time to fight this and put local people before national politics.

Salmestone ward

Richard Baxter Independent

I worked as a proof reader at Thanet Press/Eyre and Spottiswoode for 25 years and then ended up working at Stevens and Carlotti for another 10 years. In between the two I was an assistant manager in a busy hardware shop.

I’ve been on the committee of the Salmestone Ward Residents Association almost since its inception so feel that I have a good idea of problems facing the Ward, and Thanet in general.

I believe we need new blood at the council to ensure that decisions made are for the benefit of both Salmestone Ward and Thanet.

As an independent councillor I want to speak and vote on motions made by any political party that would affect the area.

I’m standing as an independent councillor because I believe that the people of Salmestone Ward, and the people of Thanet, want councillors that are responsive to THEIR wishes; and get value for the money that they pay in Council Tax.

I hope that by being elected to serve Salmestone Ward as an independent I will be able to vote on behalf of the people, and following their wishes.

Robin Edwards Thanet Independents

Luke Evans Thanet Independents

Pauline Farrance Labour

I am proud to have the opportunity to represent the residents of Salmestone Ward, listening to your
concerns and working with you to ensure that we have a clean, peaceful and prosperous Thanet. Our Stroke Service and A&E are under immediate threat – I am on the organising committee of Save Our NHS in Kent (SONIK), and I will continue to campaign tirelessly for all our vital services, including the NHS, our schools and our public transport. I grew up in marvellous Margate and returned 20 years ago to raise my children here. I taught in Thanet secondary schools for over a decade, and for the past nine years I’ve managed a team of support staff for disabled and dyslexic students at the University of Kent. We need to invest in our children’s future – we need councillors who are positive and forward- thinking, and who truly care about the residents of Thanet

John Finnegan Lib Dem

John Finnegan has lived and worked in Thanet for over forty years and has lived in Salmestone Ward for thirty of those years, so he knows the issues that face the ward all too well.

John’s claims to fame are starting up the Thanet Colts Football club and the other is more recent: helping set up Salmestone  Ward Residents Association, in which he is very active. The resident’s association is non-political, so it’s good to work with people that have different views and have to work together

Candy Gregory Labour

I’ve been a registered nurse locally for over 40 years. Always being an advocate for patients I’m a founder member of the Save Our NHS in Kent Campaign. Currently fighting to refer the decision to close our QEQM stroke unit back to the Secretary of State.
I was involved in developing the Labour Animal Welfare plan. My other ‘job’ is volunteer rabbit fosterer for Cats in Crisis. And as someone who should’ve retired 3 years ago, support the Waspi Cause. Crime and antisocial behaviour is a concern in Margate. I feel young people need support to focus their energy on positive activities. Reducing funding to services that engage youngsters is a huge mistake

Callum Gurr Lib Dem

Callum Gurr was born and raised in Thanet. One of the reasons Callum is standing, is knowing first hand how a lack of jobs can drive too many of our young people out of the area.

He also is the founder of the Young Liberals group locally, and uses this platform to push the voice of young people, who he feels have been let down by.

David Wallin Conservative

Westbrook ward

Ash Ashbee Conservative

Margaret Hay Lib Dem

I am standing because I’d like to see if I could do things better.  Like many people, I grumble about issues and think surely the Council should do something about it.  How comes there are so few functioning public conveniences in Margate especially when the town is full?  How comes businesses seem to find it so difficult to get planning permission when they would be providing much needed employment in the area?  Why is recycling so hard when we know we should be doing it? Why are all these executive homes being built when the demand is for affordable and social housing?  The list goes on; and so I have decided that instead of just talking about it I should step up and see if I could make things better.

I think that the people here are among the best that I have known but I think that they deserve better.  I don’t know what all the issues are at Council level but I am keen to find out.  Of course Thanet Council like all others has financial challenges but I would like to see it managed in the most effective way possible, it’s our money and should be used for our benefit.

So I am standing so at least next  time I have the conversations I can say that I was willing to try.

Barry O’Brien Labour

My name is Barry O’Brien and along with Clem Onwuegbute I am one of two Labour candidates seeking your vote to represent Westbrook on Thanet District Council.  I live and work in Westbrook with my family and our children attend local schools and clubs.  Outside of work I volunteer on a telephone helpline which offers support and practical advice to parents (mainly fathers) struggling to maintain a relationship with their children post separation.

Like many I value a free-at-the-point-of-contact, non-privatised NHS and I campaign to save our stroke unit at the QEQM.  I will do the same for our A&E department when they come for that.  I believe only strong Labour representation locally and nationally will stop the assault on the NHS – including our GP surgeries.

If elected I will work as hard as possible to represent the people of Westbrook at Thanet District Council.”

Clementina Onwuegbute Labour

I first came to Margate in 1976, on a beano. I spent most of the day in Dreamlamd and Margate and loved it. I finally moved to Margate permanently in 2005 and it was another heatwave year. I have worked in the care and support industry for most of my time here in Thanet.

I decided to join and become involved in the Labour Party because I was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn as I truly believe in what the Labour party is trying to achieve, to protect our NHS and other public services.

I put myself forward to be a labour councillor, so that I can protect local services and voice the concerns of local people in Westbrook. If elected I will commit to holding regular surgeries with residents and will pursue their interests with TDC and in the council chamber.

Mick Tomlinson Conservative

Tony Uden Green Party

My family’s roots in Thanet are centuries deep, but my father moved to London before I was born, looking for work like so many other Thanet exiles, so I grew up there.

I have worked in public and voluntary sector jobs all over England, working with politicians and civil servants in both local and central government. I know how democracy is meant to work – and it hasn’t been working in Thanet.

On returning to Thanet to retire, I was devastated to see what decades of neglect and mismanagement had done to this beautiful area. Somehow its lovely towns had been turned into some of the poorest in the country, and its heritage left to rot and attract the attention of vandals.

So I decided that I couldn’t leave campaigning to others. As a lifelong socialist, I found the Green Party the obvious route to the kind of change that can undo the damage that successive administrations have done to Thanet.

If I’m elected I will work to:

  • promote open, transparent Council decision-making
  • defend health, education, housing and other public services from cuts
  • delegate more powers to parish councils
  • secure better lives for everyone – especially the elderly, young and vulnerable


  1. Voting Independent sick of so called local politicians thinking their in Parliament playing party politics and trying to play national politics not in the interests of people who live in Thanet, what might be in the national interests may not be in the local interests of us here in Thanet.

    • Is that voting for an independent candidate, or voting for the Independent Party? Massive difference. The former is a candidate that hasn’t attached themselves to any political party, the latter is a bunch of UKIP rejects clutching at straws.

  2. Independent candidate not party as I said above, I am sick of party politics, they do not represent us locally just what is said and dictated from London.

  3. Perhaps all the candidates should actually visit us. I’ve only had a labour candidate visit me. Don’t know any of the others. Cliftonville is a forgotten community. We don’t get leaflets, papers etc. This yr for the first time, I might sadly waste my vote, and not vote. I need to know who I am voting for. Better Cliftonville?! Ummmm!!

    • But surely you have read about them on this website! Do you know how many households are in your area? With 3000 homes to call on and 10 minutes per visit, a candidate could spend 500 hours doing this and many of them have jobs. You are not being realistic. Read about them and make your judgement about who has the ability to support the local area.

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