Security measures have been installed at Jackey Bakers to prevent ‘unauthorised’ access

Security measures being put in place at Jackey Bakers Photo Michael Milton

Security measures have been installed at Jackey Bakers fields in Ramsgate after Thanet council responded to a campaign by residents asking for help to prevent Traveller incursions and nuisance bikers from using the area.

Jackey Bakers has been the target of five unauthorised traveller camps this year and was also targeted numerous times last year.

Residents’ plea for security has been successful

Residents raised a petition asking for a barrier/bund or secure fencing for the entire perimeter of Jackey Bakers to head of both the incursions and nuisance bikers who were getting on to the green at night.

They said they wanted to fundraise on the field with events to help pay for astro-turf, refurbishing the changing rooms and maybe installing cameras but needed the perimeter fencing first.

Photo Michael Milton

Now extensive security works  are taking place with the installation of bollards to restrict vehicle access, CCTV and 200 metres of metal fencing.

A similar plea for barriers, a ditch or a bund has been made by residents at Dane Valley where the green has also been used by Travellers’ groups numerous times this year. Flytipped rubble left by a group in June is yet to be cleared.

Thanet has had 37 unauthorised Traveller camps this year. In 2010 the figure was 2 and last year it was 40.

Last year Thanet council revealed that each court application for the eviction of unauthorised camps cost an initial £226. If further hearings are necessary this can go up to £355 each time.

Photo Moira Bain

A Traveller group currently remains at the Westcliff in Ramsgate although those most recently at Jackey Bakers and Palm Bay left after being served notice by Thanet council.

It is believed the delay in a notice being issued at the Westcliff relates to a welfare concern.

Suggestions for dealing with the issue have included providing an authorised site or a Negotiated Stopping’ scheme.

Thanet council says it is  “continuing to look at options.”