Fire crews called to man trapped in car in Ramsgate crash

Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Fire crews were called after a car came off the road in Ramsgate and landed on its side in a driveway last night (February 23).

Three engines attended the scene in Newington Road just before 8.30pm but one was returned to the station.

The driver was uninjured but unable to get out of the vehicle. Firefighters stabilised the car, then used small tools to remove the front windscreen so the man, believed to be in his early 30s, could climb out.

Duty of care was left with Kent Police. British Transport Police was also in attendance as they were passing by shortly after the crash occurred.


  1. It was my house and he took the whole of my side garden wall luckily no one was injured but this is the second time in 2 years that a drunk driver has demolished our garden walls.

  2. Have you noticed how many accidents are being reported weekly on this website? I think we need to take a look at why these accidents are happening. Has the standard of driving dropped, how much do intoxicants feature in this continuing toll of destruction on our roads and is the traffic system fit for purpose, bearing in mind that within 20 years, another community the size of Ramsgate will be sharing our roads?

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