Mum makes appeal after 8-year-old son hit by man on bike in Margate

The lad suffered injuries to his mouth

A complaint has been made to police after a man on a bike hit an eight-year-old boy in Margate and then shouted abuse at him.

The boy was on the path in Market Street with his dad and sister at around 4.30pm on Friday when  the incident happened. The man then rode off.

The lad was taken to the QEQM and then William Harvey Hospital in Ashford where he needed stitches to his mouth and has to return to his dentist for further X-rays.

The boy’s mum, who asked that they were not named but has agreed to share photos of her son’s injuries, is appealing for witnesses or anyone who has CCTV of the incident to contact police.

The boy is now recovering. His mum said: “He is doing well and has a lot of support and loving family and friends around him. He is a brave, fit 8 year old but is gutted that he will be missing out on football for 6 weeks.”

She added that both hospitals and her dentist had also been supportive.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Officers are making enquiries into a report of a collision involving a pedestrian and a cyclist.

“Kent Police was made aware at around 5.20pm on Friday 1 February that a collision had taken place earlier in the afternoon in Margate High Street, near Market Street. It was reported the pedestrian, a boy, sustained injuries which required hospital treatment.”

Anyone who saw the incident is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 01-1152.



  1. So sad this has happened to a lovely little boy. My lovely friend Julia Brown was hit by a man on a Bike and very badly affected. I have had a narrow escape just now. I had to run towards the cyclist to avoid being hit because I was on the footpath going under a bridge and there was no option to move fast enough into the road. Felt very lucky to avoid being crashed into. My actions averted the crash. Youngsters and adults are riding too fast on the pavement with no lights after dark. I understand the road is too dangerous but if they cycle agressively pedestrians are vulnerable.

  2. The Highway Code as amended in November 2018; Rule 64
    You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement.

    Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A sect 129

    It is well past the time when local police enforced this particular regulation. Does it take a death before people wake up to the menace of cyclists on pedestrian only footpaths. I am a cyclist and dismount if I am on the footpath. Talk of “it’s dangerous on the roads” is just so much bovine manure. It always has been and you need to ride as though everyone is out to get you in order to survive. Riding on the footpath indicates an exceptionally poor respect for pedestrians. I have the perfect solution to use when I am a pedestrian; I carry a cane. I do not move out of the way for illegal footpath cyclists. Instead I thrust my cane into the front wheel spokes. Newton’s second law of motion will have the desired result.

  3. i have been struck twice now by cyclists whilst exiting my garden to the pavement, and had numerous near misses – always by teenagers or adults on full size bikes, and going far too fast. They look at you as if you are in the wrong as a pedestrian. Angers me, one of these days I can see myself being seriously hurt. Morons all!

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