Temples, Tombs and Treasure at Chilton Primary School

Travelling back in time at Chilton Primary

Children at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate have created an interactive exhibition to celebrate the successful end of their Temples, Tombs and Treasures topic.

Year 4 pupils and their teachers transformed the main hall into a museum, featuring a host of displays and activities.

Parents were invited in to school to explore a range of exhibits that explained the in-depth research and creative learning that pupils produced during the last eight weeks.

Year 4 teacher Michaela Gayle said: “The topic unit was mainly history-based but it also covered other areas including art, drama, design and technology.

“At their exhibition our boys and girls even showed their understanding of mummification with a fun activity wrapping their parents up. They also put on shows of Egyptian myths they had learnt, and demonstrated their 3D presentation of the River Nile and why it is vital to the country.

“The children have absolutely loved this topic as we have been able to make it creative and engaging. Their depth of knowledge about it now is very impressive.

“We enjoyed a great show of support from parents and it was lovely to watch them engaging with their children’s learning. We can’t wait to invite them to our next topic exit point event.”

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Head of School Kate Law said: “It was fantastic to walk around the exhibition and see the various areas of learning about temples, tombs and treasures brought to life in so many creative ways. It really demonstrated the many different ways that our children become engaged with their topics as they learn.”